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    So I basicly finished up my '47( the garage sale car my wife bought for $700)

    all in all we have about $2500 into the whole car(including buying the car) since the over hall and now my Tattoo guy want it for his girl .lol
    the next one to come home is a '58 caddy 2 door a buddy bought that is super clean and he has not touched in 7 years and wants it gone lol well next after my 67 c-10 is done and the plymouth race car lol

    here is the before's and afters of the 47

    when we found it
    was a 216 out of a '53 I hoped it up but pulled it to update drive line sold to a buddy for his '53 and broke even

    boddy roughing in
    so I sold the 6
    splash oiling is not my fav and I have a couple trips I wanna take this car on so
    the engine is a 73 350 out of a buddys winter car he was going to scrap it is had 45k on it but was basicly a frame and engine(buffalo lol) so it got a mild cam and a rering and an intake, the rams horn's are off my 67 the intake and carb were from some old build we did and then changed been on shelf for ever the trans is a glide with 25 k on it out of my buddys 69 nova I built him kept the trans when we put a 350 turbo in it
    the rear end is out of my 57 with a 3:55 and a posi
    I bought -tire and wheels(got for cost through work)
    exhaust pipe
    drive shaft(cost budy works at drive line shop)
    and I traded welding patch panals in my uncles 73 charger for the interior(he owns a shop for that)
    paint and I can not count my time
    oh and engine mounts new in box from swap meet
    here it is now
    engine install
    oh and a battery (cost at work)

    I will get some interior shots tomorrow lol but I set out to build a simple low buck fun cruise and I think it came out ok my buddy is a pinstripper is susposed to stop by next week to lay a brush to it so more pics then. what ya think?

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    Re: Projects

    VERY nice! I dig the paint job.
    Just groovin' to my own tune.


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      Re: Projects

      Sweet !!!
      And you put another back on the road !


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        Re: Projects

        Another guy that makes me feel like a three toed sloth! : Great work - and pretty damned quick!

        Cool use of gloss/semi gloss paint - can't wait to see interior shots!

        Are those real bullet holes in the glass on the passenger side - or stickers?
        There's always something new to learn.


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          Re: Projects

          thanks for the kindness but don't feel bad.
          my '67 has been almost 10 years in the shop ,figured I need to shit or get off the pot with it with the new baby so just this year I started really working on it lol

          ya I think the paint came out ok for a garage job and something cheap and different still need the pinstriping lol

          as for the bullet holes they are stickers the window is broke and untill I drop it off at my buddys glass shop it looks better this way lol
          thanks again guys


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            Re: Projects

            What a cruiser.Be proud of yourself... ;)


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              Re: Projects

              Excellent job - bringing one back to life !
              Phil / Omaha


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                Re: Projects

                nice. I so want a fastback...
                Doing it all wrong since 1966