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Extreme Automatics out of Ohio

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  • Extreme Automatics out of Ohio

    Has anybody used or heard about Extreme Automatics Transmissions out of Ohio? They talk a great game on thier website and I am in the market for a healthy 2004r.

    If anyone knows anything, please pass it on.


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    Re: Extreme Automatics out of Ohio

    I would talk to Indyshiftman here at Bangshift, keep it in the family.
    Busted down to regular Bangshifter


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      Re: Extreme Automatics out of Ohio

      Very solid reputation in the Turbo Buick community. He does a lot more than just transmissions but that's his big thing. Lonnie is a stand up guy and used to come to the Ohio Turbo6 club meeting despite actually living in KY.
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        Re: Extreme Automatics out of Ohio

        I have no doubt that they build some pretty good stuff if they build as listed. But I couldn't do any better as far as price goes.
        As an independent trans shop, we don't get any price breaks on the special HP stuff. Parts like the overdrive planet and valve body.
        So if I build one with those kind of parts, I have to buy from them, build the trans and sell to the customer.
        In the end, you would end up paying more from me.
        So I'd get from them, since they have access to the special heavy duty parts.
        Let them be responsible for when something breaks. Then I don't have to deal with it. ;D

        But they have a $450 core charge? Ouch! :o

        Now I know where all the 2004R cores went..


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          Re: Extreme Automatics out of Ohio

          Thank you for your replies. I think I may do some business with him. Looks like I'm looking at his stage 2 with a couple options....Trans Break and manual valve body.

          If I run a m/v, can I do away with the TV cable?