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  • Im going to be moving

    Not sure when, I would like to this month but finances say no. If I am not out of here by the time the snow is more than 3" deep, I am stuck for the winter. Right now its looking like moving in the spring, not fond of the idea of a winter sitting alone looking at the walls. The problem is I have ten vehicles I need to move, a shop full of parts and tools, plus the stuff in my house, but the house stuff isnt much. Most is junk and I will just leave it for her dad. Some of the cars can be driven, some need to be trailered, the trailer needs work, and my truck is on its last legs. I suppose I could use my 76 to pull stuff around, but a 454 sucking gas pulling a trailer for 650 miles one way with 4 round trips is a bit too much. Plus I would need someone to drive the GTO, 72 and 98 Formula, 79 TA, and the 98 GP and possibly the pos 92 F150.

    I dont want to be here alone all winter, its hard enough when she was here. Now add in all the memories and stuff and I just need to go to keep my sanity. If I leave the cars, parts and tools here over the winter without me living here, they will all walk off. Yeah the tweakers up here will steal my cars or parts off them to buy more meth, or whatever, and other people will steal my stuff and sell it so they can survive. If I leave now its akin to just walking away from whatever I cant take with me. The most important cars to me are here, so its not like I would be leaving junk, I would be leaving the reason I am still alive, the things I have worked and struggled to keep.

    The cost of having them shipped is $1200-$1800 per car. I can move then cheaper than that myself. Does anyone have a car hauler sitting around and wants to make a road trip? It looks like I am stuck here, I would be gone already but the kids wanted to have another summer up here so unless some miracle happens, the winter is going to be very long and hard.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Im going to be moving

    I can't help with a trailer, but if you end up making more than one trip, I can be a spare driver for a weekend or two. In fact, I might be able to scare up on or two other drivers also. You tow one down, we drive on or two down with you, and then all jump in the truck for a long and cozy ride back. Not ideal, but it's an option. I can be in Marquette by 5 on Friday, and I need to be back in Houghton by 9 on Monday. Sleep is for the weak.


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      Re: Im going to be moving

      stay the winter.. get most of the cars you want to keep.. near the shop doors. and pick away with getting them running and driveable. even if it's only to load/unload on to trailer..
      that pass the time..
      over the time now to spring.. the cars can be moved as people are aval. to help.(as long as you have a place to put them)
      ebay the junk that you don't need,
      and come spring. move..


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        Re: Im going to be moving

        That is kinda what the default plan is Ironhead, its just going to be hard to do. Being alone is hard enough for me, but winter keeps me from doing much, so it makes it worse. Not being busy my mind goes places I dont want to go so there has to be something to do, or someone to talk to. I can tell I wont be finding another woman up here, there just arent that many of them, and even fewer want anything to do with a car guy.

        Hey Walt, do you want to come down and give me a hand getting things running and drivable? I would appreciate it more than you can imagine, there is so much I cant do alone. I have a place to go with everything, back to the farm in Nebraska. Fuel is the hard part of moving them, it costs quite a bit to drive down there with just one car. It would be like a small power tour a rolling car show of sorts though.. Getting the 98 GP going is the most important thing next to finishing the 70 GTO, without that car I cant get around in winter, unless I get a truck going and that is even more money and time.

        Me staying here is a huge test of my coping skills. If I can avoid it in some way I will, I just dont want to lose everything I have worked for. You guys know I am kinda mental, some know more than others, and it isnt something I am taking lightly. I wouldnt ask you guys for anything if I didnt feel I absolutely have no other choice. Well back to welding, the 70 is coming along fast. Will have pics of it later.


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          Re: Im going to be moving

          Todd - man I wish I was closer - I could move some stuff for you with the diesel and trailer.... but just getting to your place and back in a weekend would be rough for me.

          I have a lot behind my shop where you could store some cars.... it would be off the property you want to leave and not yet to the property where you want them (nebraska) but it's a much shorter drive, secure, and free.

          Have you put some "firewood needed" ads on craigslist? Probably a million of them up there...

          Walt presents some good ideas - tough to replace youth and exuberance when you need to get stuff done!

          There's always something new to learn.


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            Re: Im going to be moving

            Are you moving back to Nebraska?

            I realize your life is crappy at the moment, but I can't wait to meet you and get schooled on e85. Not that hanging out with me is all that much fun but, if you're gonna be down here we might as well do a midwest BS fest. There's a couple guys on here we need to meet up with: truckpuller, the C10 Chevy truck guy, etc. Plus parish is running e85 in his G8 now and would love to BS about it. Having you here would kick ass.
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              Re: Im going to be moving

              Thank guys. I am coming up with a plan, dig out the 87 C20 camper special, stuff either the 454 back in it or a 6.2L LSx engine, put in a 5th wheel hitch, and find a 3 car gooseneck trailer. Three trips and the cars are moved, or two trips and some of them driven back. That is a spring time trip for sure, not going to get all that done by the time I am buried in snow.

              DG, only one part of my life sucks right now. My finances are getting better, I can walk without near as much pain in my knees, I have been making huge gains on the stuff in my head, and almost every aspect of my life is getting better. The only part that stinks about it would be that a woman who stood by me through all that work, endured it with me, and we supported each other for 6 years, decided to try someone else. She gave up just when things were going to be getting good.

              It looks like I might be landing somewhere near Falls City Ne, there is a prospect there that has really gotten my interest. That is south of Omaha, so its in the general vicinity. You can bet I will be finding a shop, and getting back to work on cars and ethanol as soon as possible. This year is a bust, its been hard work getting everything squared away, and now its just too late to move unless some wealthy benefactor wants to be generous. So life is better, at least for me, and the only big thing looming over me is the winter.

              This prospect is much better looking than the last one too, and still without most of the hangups and BS of others... So perhaps I am getting the better end of the deal again. A shrink told me when I was dealing with my divorce back in 02 that the one who leaves often seems to do worse than the one who gets left, and the one who was faithful and got dumped has a huge improvement in life. It sure looks like that is happening yet again..

              So its just he logistics of the move, and the dread of what I know is coming (snow) that is being a pain in my ass right now.


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                Re: Im going to be moving

                can you start selling and crapping the junk now that way when youre ready to go it is easier?

                If I were closer I would lend a hand...
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                  Re: Im going to be moving

                  good luck my man


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                    Re: Im going to be moving

                    A shrink told me when I was dealing with my divorce back in 02 that the one who leaves often seems to do worse than the one who gets left, and the one who was faithful and got dumped has a huge improvement in life. It sure looks like that is happening yet again

                    Alot of truth in that.My ex is now someone elses problem. ;D Hang in there and glad to hear things are getting better.If you go to Falls City make sure you make it Topeka and we will have to check out HPT.


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                      Re: Im going to be moving

                      Todd, glad to hear some positivety comong your way. Depending on the time frame of the move I'd be willing to come up and help. I love flying and driving, and I've never seen the UP.
                      "Somewhere the zebra is dancing". Garth Stein's The art of racing in the rain.



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                        Re: Im going to be moving

                        Sounds like you need to raise some cash. My idea would be to have one or two big gearhead garage sale weekends to unload cars, parts, tools, and do dads that you don't want, or can't take with you.

                        My neighbor had a yard sale last weekend selling what looked mostly like book shelf nick-nacks, some clothes, and junk and walked away with more $300. I bet you could clear serious cash if you priced stuff to sell. Don't give it all away, but make the prices attractive.

                        I would put advertisements on Craigslist weeks in advance.

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                          Re: Im going to be moving

                          i have a good solid single car trailer, but I am at the other end of your journey. However, it would be available for you to use if ya gotta make more than 1 trip. my "tow vehicle" isnt in shape to tow right now, but you are more than welcome to use the trailer.

                          since i am just down the road from Scott(DG), i am down with a midwest BS get together....

                          I do enjoy following your threads, stay or move, but get back to work, man!!! ;D


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                            Re: Im going to be moving

                            I am down with a midwest or Iowa/Nebraska BS cruise. Its gonna be next year though. You guys are awesome, offering to help and everything, makes me feel all sappy. I just cant shake the feeling that I am supposed to stay here for the winter, like there is a reason for it. I dont know, not really a believer in fate or predetermination stuff. Im not sure if I feel that things happen for a reason or not, but this feels like it. Whatever, I guess its time to just sit back , wait and see what happens, and get everything ready.

                            I have a few weeks of good weather left, and I have a friend here who is willing to help move vehicles and stuff around the yard, he just isnt a car guy. Doesnt know how to work on things, so I gotta show him what I need done. He likes the yellow TA, so maybe we will build it over the winter and he can have it. That would be one less to move and he would have a kick ass car to drive in the summers up here.

                            Sorry if this doesnt make lots of sense, I have been wondering why the rum is gone then I remember it was mixed with coke. Ethanol, its whats with dinner..

                            If I can get my head straight then this winter will be filled with lots of work getting things running, painted, and moved. Cant wait to get out of the land of 30" snowfalls in one night. Then in the spring its move some stuff, and go on POWER TOUR! I want to be a long hauler, and I want to do it in my GTO. The 65 would be kickass on PT, since it was such a rust heap before. Maybe just driving it would give others hope with their projects... Maybe that is my mission in life. An example of what crazy can achieve..

                            Wish I could move right now, just dont see it happening unless I sell one of the valuable ones. There is a reason they are my favorites, they are special and not everyone has one.


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                              Re: Im going to be moving

                              I wouldn't mind helping get them running at all. Most weekends are free for me, so just hit me up when you are interested. This weekend is already shot, though.