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what u fix'n for turkey day

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    Re: what u fix'n for turkey day

    Deep fried turkey
    Candied sweet taters
    Mashed taters
    green bean casserole
    Aaroz con gondules
    apple pie
    pumpkin pie
    cherry pie
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      Re: what u fix'n for turkey day

      I'm deep frying a turkey also. After the first time doing it and loving the taste, I'll do it every year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year I'm trying the Cajun seasoning injections, wanted to last year but the wife said no. Then there's the rest of the fixings, mashed taters, candied yams, stuffing, homemade rolls, corn and the wiggly cranberry sauce with the can ridges. :D The wife is working on desserts now. I saw the fixings for cherry pie, apple pie, pecan pie and maybe a German chocolate cake. I'm glad I'm married to a chef. ;D


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        Re: what u fix'n for turkey day

        going to in-laws, my 13 year old is making a pie from the cook book the in laws bought her last christmas. So I am just driving, eating, then driving home.

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          Re: what u fix'n for turkey day

          I 'll be in Lexington Ky at the bro n laws, but I will be deep frying the turkey. Peanut oil is the only way, injection is good,
          but I have found you can get the most flavor by rubbing it the night before. My rub is all purpose good for anything.
          1 part black pepper, 1 part sugar, 1 part Janes mixed up salt. For a bird of any size you probably use about 1/2 cup of each, mix good and rub down inside and out. It'll make your tongue slap your brains out.


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            Re: what u fix'n for turkey day

            Hey if Walt isnt going home, he should stop by here and we can have a UPBS GTG for TD...


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              Re: what u fix'n for turkey day

              Sandy made us a Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday because I'm leaving this afternoon for a couple of weeks.
              We had a ham, which I've already had leftovers yesterday, lol.
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