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1 of nine semesters down

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  • 1 of nine semesters down

    Not good. Bombed my last two chemistry exams (52 and 50), I am probably going to end up failing chem, it just depends on how much of a curve he puts on the thing. Engineering should be a B or C, Same for Calc, Physics was just short of an A, Air Force Foundations is an A, and only God knows what my perspectives teacher will give me since she thinks I am a no account bum who doesn't care about school. I am pretty sure I can get away with either failing one class or a sub 2.5 GPA, but if I do both, I probably screwed myself out of my scholarship. Not a great start to college. At least I can always work on cars.

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    Re: 1 of nine semesters down

    Hang in there Walt, college is meant to be hard. Did you talk to any of your Chem Classmates to see if they struggled as well?

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      Re: 1 of nine semesters down

      You did better than I did my first semester of engineering school. I now have my masters degree in mechanical engineering. You just need to figure out how you learn and how to study such that you learn most effectively. For me, I avoided study groups and read the books as much as anything. Math and chemistry are a couple of things you have to do repetitively to understand the methods and concepts. Don't get hung up on thinking "I will never use this in my career"- you need it to finish your college education and start a career.

      Hang in there man! I long ago learned that college is as much a battle of perseverance as a learning experience.

      Good luck!


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        Re: 1 of nine semesters down

        Hey man, the first semester is tough for lots of people because of the huge adjustments you have to make personally. It was hell for me too.

        Rusty nailed it above.

        Keep your head down and keep working, you'l get there.

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          Re: 1 of nine semesters down

          I also struggled with Chemistry in college. Give me some hard-core physics any day compared to chemistry. Keep working hard and stay honest. Professors in generally will reward hard workers, but won't help if you don't try.

          Oh, and since I was going for Electro-Mechanical Engineering, I figured that I would never need the chemistry education anyway... After I graduated I got hired to design control systems for crystal growth furnaces, which transitioned into operating the furnaces and designing crystal growth experiments using them. Guess what that involved - lots of chemistry! Glad I had the background! Anytime you can broaden your education you open up your career possibilities and improve your versatility.
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            Re: 1 of nine semesters down

            if it don't sink in at your level, it is just time to make a decision that fits you.

            I had an air force friend that somehow fell for some masters business path...dumb as shit and knew it. Still stuck it out, 4 years went by... guy simply disappeared into the abyss of big money for no reason... and still Dumb As Shit.

            I wonder whta a guy like that has to do with america's status today.. :

            stick with what suits you, it can be a long life...and there is alot more than you looking up after awhile..credits earned. respect earned.
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              Re: 1 of nine semesters down

              I failed chemistry too.......

              Take it from another guy who was homeschooled.......You just need to adjust, you will come around.

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                Re: 1 of nine semesters down

                Don't get discouraged, bud. The first few semesters will be heavily based around fundamentals in math, chem and physics - all of which you'll need a solid basis in to fully appreciate all the neat courses later on.

                I'm about 2/3 done my mechanical engineering degree after 7 semesters. The normal duration is 8 semesters at my university but I've done a few terms part-time because I needed a change of pace. While that's an option that should probably be avoided, I've also found that taking a reduced course load sometimes makes life a whole lot easier. Depending on how many credits you're required to take to be full-time, you can try taking one less course in a term to balance things out for yourself.

                Like Rusty said, it takes a lot of effort to get through these courses but also you need a bit of time to find your optimal studying methods. I'm also not big on "study groups" because frankly, not much studying gets done. For the bulk of your courses you'll need to invest a lot of time practicing the material and being comfortable solving problems.

                Make sure to take advantage of any free tutorials offered by your student center and your professors' consultation hours. Also, don't be shy in talking to students further along in the program than you are - they're often a great source for advice on courses, professors, and sometimes they'll even help you out or sell you their used books cheap!

                For me, I've had the most difficulty with my higher level math classes. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have failed or have earned unsatisfactory grades in some classes. I've redone a few classes, so what? At my school we need a C or better in courses to move on. If you have to retake a course, it's your chance to nail down those few things that you didn't the first time around.

                I know you have concerns about maintaining your grades for a scholarship. Given that it's just your first semester, you have plenty of opportunity to excel so don't get bogged down here. If this one scholarship is looking a little iffy at the moment, inform yourself about the other types of student aid available at your school.

                Pardon the long message, gentlemen. Like several of you, I've been in the same situation and to paraphrase Keith Turk, fought like 14 mofos to get this far. :D

                Your brother on the front line,
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                  Re: 1 of nine semesters down

                  You're in the toughest of it now. Don't be a dumbass like me and drop out of engineering over it. Keep your ass in the seat and work at it. You now know how hard you have to work. Knowing what basic Chemistry curves are like here at PSU you'll probably end up with a C in Chem. Keep up the effort man. You can do it.
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                    Re: 1 of nine semesters down

                    You'll do fine.... hang in there....



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                      Re: 1 of nine semesters down

                      Like everyone else, just keep plugging away Walt, things will fall into place....
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                        Re: 1 of nine semesters down

                        In my experience, there is a "weeding out" period of time. The ones who lack drive or dedication will excuse themselves, and the ones remaining will get a better education for it.

                        Stick in there. Go the extra mile, now, reap the rewards later.

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                          Re: 1 of nine semesters down

                          Originally posted by SSChevyManiac
                          You're in the toughest of it now. Don't be a dumbass like me and drop out of engineering over it. Keep your ass in the seat and work at it. You now know how hard you have to work. Knowing what basic Chemistry curves are like here at PSU you'll probably end up with a C in Chem. Keep up the effort man. You can do it.
                          Stay with it, don't make a short term decision for a long life, it takes hard work, if I knew now....... I did not even try working on cars to support a life style and family later.
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                            Re: 1 of nine semesters down

                            Good advice.....
                            Where were you guys when I was in school?
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                              Re: 1 of nine semesters down

                              Listen to these guys Walt. Don't let one rough start discourage you. Real world real challenges. Get it done and be prepared for your first year of work after your degree to hit you the same, and there is no test grade then, it's performance. The better you grit your teeth and buckle down and go back at it, the better you'll do in school and afterwards. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I have determination and persistance. Also the advice to not discount classes (particularly science or applied classes) as ones "I'll never use", is good. The broader and more diverse your education the better prepared you are for the workforce and in problem solving. I know I use chem a bunch more than I thought I would.

                              And if it takes 10 more semesters, or 12, so be it. It doesn't matter once you are done with college, it's still all worth it as long as you are getting an applied/marketable degree. The point is, as long as your are making progress towards your degree you WILL get there. Waffling around and changing your degree or taking basket weaving 101 will screw you financially and time wise.

                              I can't believe I've been out of school five years already (four since I finished my degree). I'm feeling old :'( :P
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