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Dads 67' GTO window sticker....

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  • Dads 67' GTO window sticker....

    So my Dad found his wondow sticker from his 67' GTO he bought brand new. It was tyrol blue, black vinal top, black interior. M21 4 speed, 3.55 posi. 335hp 400ci car. Pretty cool! And the sticker was in great shape! Anyhow he has the VIN for it. Is there any way he could find out what happened to it? Hes just kind of curious if it would still be around. He said he thought it ended up in Colorado. So is there any service out there that can trace an old cars whereabouts through the VIN?

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    Re: Dads 67' GTO window sticker....

    I dont know if the DMV will tell you if that VIN is registered or not...could give it a shot


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      Re: Dads 67' GTO window sticker....

      Probably depends on what state you live in. Here in CA you can go to the dmv, pay a small(?) fee. If its around, they will contact the registered owner and ask them if they have objections to them giving you the info. I'm sure it varies from state to state.
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        Re: Dads 67' GTO window sticker....

        I've alwasy wondered why someone hasn't come
        up with a service that would help run down this
        kind of info........I know each state is different but
        given today's technology you'd think it'd be possible.
        Seems, as of late, you hear this kind of request a lot.....I'd pay a good coin
        to run down my old '55 Chevy

        BTW.......that sure sounded like a cool Goat