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Auto Boat Speed Show pics

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  • Auto Boat Speed Show pics

    Sweet Merc

    Early Jet dragster

    Another sick Merc

    Cool Dodge roadster pickup with mechanical injection and push-button trans

    Blown Hemi!

    Cool A-Bone Sedan

    Cadillac V16

    Cobra Coupe my buddie's shop put together.

    Cool roadster

    Obnoxious metalflake on the Nitro Pimp

    I want one!

    I liked the paint on this one

    1967 Impala SS with 427 power. Sweet car!

    Engine from low-ass Chev pickup

    Low-ass Chev pickup would surely lay fender!

    This truck was sick

    Hemi Satellite with gold interior

    Engine from Satellite

    One of my favorite cars, W-motor powered!

    Nice louvers

    Ferrambo, the Riddler winner. The paint was amazing, but instead of a full interior, I would have put a cage in it and gone open road racing.

    Ferrambo powerplant

    Cool Hemi powered coupe

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    Re: Auto Boat Speed Show pics

    Lincoln Zephyr


    Six carbs are the cat's ass!

    Seen on the tail of a flopper

    Cool little Honda

    I want a boat like this to take to the lake and piss people off!