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How many concerts have you been to?

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    Re: How many concerts have you been to?

    Very few.

    Powerman 5000, Static-X, Dope, 2000

    Sugar Ray, 2002

    Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, and some reality-show winner, 2007

    3 Doors Down, Hinder, Staind, Sick Puppies, 2008

    Veer Union, Papa Roach, Avenged Sevenfold, Buckcherry, 2009

    The former Remy-Z

    "Remy-Z, you've outdone yourself again, I thought a Mirada was the icing on the cake of rodding, but this Imperial is the spread of little 99-cent candy letters spelling out "EAT ME" on top of that cake."


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      Re: How many concerts have you been to?

      In August of '69 I missed the mother of all concerts


      Pat and I had just got hitched in June '69 and went back
      to Davisville to wait for me to deploy.

      After morning muster one day.....buddy of mine offered up
      a ride to this concert (didn't even know it was Woodstock.....just knew
      Joplin & Hendrix was going to be there)

      It was about a three hour drive

      They were going in a VW and only had room for one......I couldn't leave the
      new bride back.......we'd been apart for a year.

      All four that went were 2 days AWOL getting back........still remember
      the stories they told

      "The object is to keep your balls on the table and knock everybody else's off..."


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        Re: How many concerts have you been to?

        I forgot Sting with the big band at the Palace of Auburn hills (home of the Pistons). It was the first musical group to play there. Our seats were on the side about 1/2 way up and the sound was pretty good. I talked to some folks in the middle in the nosebleed seats and they said it was awful. I guess they've doctored the stadium since then and it's supposed to be pretty good.

        Sting was incredible. That group had Omar Hakim on drums. He makes my piddley little efforts look TOTALLY lame. The man is amazing. Also Janice Pendarvis and Dolette McDonald on background vocals - now that's just cheating. You could put a trained monkey in front of those girls and he'd sound OK - not saying Sting wouldn't sound good anyway.

        Also saw and got to chat with Randy Garibay. He invented Chicano Blues and was a remarkable singer and a darn good guitarist. RIP, Randy.

        I know there's a TON more but these came to mind.