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    It's amazing, the weather folks on TV can forecast what it's going to do tomorrow, just seconds after they explain why they missed today's forecast entirely.

    And we believe them.

    I saw a show on a science channel explaining it all. The atmosphere itself is categorized as "non-linear chaos" in scientific terms. Yet humans go on TV and try to predict it.

    It's easy if a big storm is coming. Here it comes. We have pictures on the radar of it. No, I wouldn't want to be a weatherman in the long run.

    The guy on the local channel here took it a step too far, I think. He made a big deal out of trying to predict the weather for the WINTER here. In late November, if I remeber correctly, he made his "projection" ( a projection is even farther out than a "prediction") He clearly did lots of research, the history of the jet stream and a cold winter followed by a warmer one, etc. And he predicted a very low snow season here, and warmer than usual.

    Not so. Why do humans even bother to predict he weather farther than tomorrow?

    George Carlin did it best, a loose quote: "Tonight, dark. Continued darkness until the morning, when there will be scattered daylight" or something like that.
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    Re: Weather Forecasters

    if a true instinct exists, not much gets spoken..

    why keep all of humanity safe with your good weather forecast? it is an evil world.

    live and let die.

    my silly japanese car tells me stuff all the time.. always weather ahead. I get the urge to say nothing more than not.

    I ponder an opposite meeting a mirror.. my car goes with next to nothing here peacefully.. like a bimetal gauge.

    if a mediator stands in the middle of this meeting.. be it a good judge.
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