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i am so proud!

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  • i am so proud!

    i am so proud, a: i finally have my engine back for my camaro and its in the car and running and sounding so sweet, will have video to follow soon and b: my 18 y/o daughter (our kids cant get their licence till 18) has just bought her first car - pics to follow
    so now for the engine

    so can you pick the new piston

    and now for the daughters new ride

    1965 6 cyl auto as we have power restrictions for first time licence holders here
    so can you see why i am so proud and now very isn't that much better than a Hyundai
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    Re: i am so proud!

    What are the specs on the engine? Fairly mild, or did you get carried away a bit?

    Nice choice on the daughter's first ride!! If you want a cool set of wheels for the 4-lug hubs that are an appropriate look for the car, American Racing does these ones in a 15 x 7:

    These ones are available from Fast Wheels out of Quebec Canada, I'm not sure if they have any sellers in the U.S., or if they ship across the border. Also available in a silver finish, I think they look a lot like the old Minilite wheels:

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      Re: i am so proud!

      Good for you,John! Sometimes,even I get a little tired of my Sixes & Stockers. Daughter's pretty lucky to have 'an American(Ex-California?....)Mustang for a first Car. Hope you Guy'z weren't socked with any of that Rain/floodwaters down there. Good luck with the Mustang. ~J/W.


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        Re: i am so proud!

        doing an LS for the slosh o stang ?


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          Re: i am so proud!

          Your daughter has exceptional taste! ;)
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            Re: i am so proud!

            I ran a 200ci ford, not my first car, but my first to go interstate..
            speaking of frigid.. it went to a 36 below in lagrange maine (once home), and that was the end of my 200ci (bent the long way)

            liking the choice of wheels..

            and is that headgasket the perma torque felpro?
            I gotta stop second guessing that on my tiny engine..(just installed one recently)

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              Re: i am so proud!

              the big block should be good for 500 to 550 horses so it will be a bit of a fun thing to drive with the stick
              and the daughter has picked a blue and white pony interior with aqua paint and pearl white stripes with a set of 15x7 minilites.
              There are no substiutes for cubic inches[SIGPIC]sigpic


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                Re: i am so proud!

                Great Stuff!!!
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