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Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

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    Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

    Originally posted by 457Brodix
    Originally posted by Ron Ward
    We officially received 9.1" of snow here in Topeka. The winds blowing 20-35 mph spread it all over the place. A lot of it settled in front of my garage door. This is what I woke up to @ 5:30 this morning:

    Hey Ron - I just received my HPT Newsletter, they open Saturday April 2nd, what kind of snow removal equipment to they have at the track?

    We have a jet-powered track dryer.

    ... and Mike Walker.


    It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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      Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

      Forgot Zeller,Ron ;D ;D ;D


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        Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

        Not too bad here. We're surrounded by farmland, so the unimpeded winds kept the snow from building up in most of our property. There's about a foot average with drifts in the driveway over 3 feet. Winds hit over 50mph last night. No damage around us. Haven't been on the roads yet, but in sheltered areas there were drifts across the road over 6 feet in a storm not nearly as bad as this one. I'll let the plows do their work first. I'm uploading pictures now and will post them in a few.
        I'm probably wrong


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          Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

          LMFAO!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

          Like I said I can't understand why people want to live above I40?? ;)

          Even though it was cold as a mofo today, high was about 46, but it was the wind that was the killer. Brrrrr........


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            Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

            Mostly over here now.... Lights went out at 8pm or so last night...All my food from the fridge an freezer got frozen to the porch after I put it outside to stay cool...We got about 1/2" of Ice before midnight. I live under a crapload of trees...they started breaking about 11pm and I laid in bed listening to them fall through the branches...till about 2am when the wind really picked up... which was actually good cause it broke all that ice off the trees..and they stopped dropping! but the lights didn't come back till almost 11am today....
            Mike in Southwest Ohio


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              Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

              Working my two jobs, Ski shop-busy, shoe store-not so much. Snow in February? In Michigan? Who knew?
              Busted down to regular Bangshifter


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                Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

                Garage roof last night. Notice the snow coming down sideways?

                View across the street. Thats a full size van and F250 4X4 by the shed.

                Driveway, the drift was over the hood of the middle car.

                The deep drifts were as high as the chute on the snowblower.

                Front door

                Back porch

                Drift on the back porch. Driveway drifts were twice as deep.

                Just thought this looked cool.

                I'm probably wrong


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                  Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

                  Another day, another snowflake.
                  "We" got 10-11".
                  My folks 21mi. south got 21".
                  My brother 60mi. south got buried.
                  Chicago is 100mi. south and they are still buried.
                  But the big deal was the wind, you couldn't see and that's how you ended up in a snow drift.
                  the national guard was called out cause the state patrol and the sheriff's dept. were overwhelmed.
                  They ended up closing down the expressway's from 1am or so to daylight Wednesday.
                  Were all dug out now and dealing with the single digit cold.


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                    Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

                    My Sister in the Chicago suburbs got it way worse than we did here in the Detroit area.
                    I'm calling it the blizzard that wasn't.

                    We got about 8" lots of wind - and today it's single digit temps so the salt on the roads isn't working.

                    Most folks did not go to work yesterday - and pretty much every school was called off, today some schools are off and most folks are back to work.

                    The freeways are mostly clear - but the drifting thanks to the wind is keeping things interesting.
                    There's always something new to learn.


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                      Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

                      All I want to know is why they keep cancelling school, this kind of stuff wasnt heard of when I was a kid.
                      Of coarse they cancel school around here because of fog too.
                      Originally posted by TC
                      also boost will make the cam act smaller


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                        Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

                        Only 8-10" here in SE MI. Thought I would need the truck but once I saw what was on the ground, took the Grand Marquis. It's Michigan, we get up, brush a hole to see through on the windshield and go to work.


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                          Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

                          tuesday got stuck four blocks from the mother in laws house
                          my wife carried 7 bags of food and her moms huge purse threw 3 and 4 foot
                          snow drifts saw a semi get pulled out of the snow by a giant john deer tractor

                          wed. shoveled snow for 5 hours, helped a lady dig her car out, then the tractor her husband hired showed up ???
                          when I got home the water presser started slowing down, I called the guy i bought the house from and he said
                          " oh ya I unplugged the heat tape" so I crawled under the house, plugged it in, and found a hole in the fundation
                          spewing icey crystals all over the water line. I stuffed every thing I could find under the house in the hole (old spry foam,
                          peices of pink ins foam, asbestoes siding, all covered by a peice of cardboard and held in place by a couple of lath boards
                          problem solved, for now

                          thursday- got back to work to (off since monday evening) to find no one got the lot clean, buried the g6 in the main drive
                          walked threw drifting snow to clock in, (left the car where it quit) at 6 this morning it was -9 deg. !! Chris the mat. man at work pulled in the garage door with a little rubber tracked bobcat loader with a 4 foot bucket it was so cold it about burned your hand to touch it. about an hour later everyone runs out of the office into the shop and the plant manager
                          comes and gets Chris and says the roof is caving in over the office. the little loader sits un-manned. one of the guys I work with says "that thing has to go back today" oh poop!!! so we take turns running it until late this afternoon.
                          Im not sure what tomorrow holds, but at least I can get in the parking lot man i need a nap!!!
                          COBEY..... franklin, kansas


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                            Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

                            Had a uncle pass. Making a Banzai run to Knoxville, TN then to Greenville, SC. Hows I-75 an I-40 look?


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                              Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

                              No mail for three days

                              Finally got out to make some calls
                              yesterday.......Illinois side of the river
                              was better than Missouri

                              Going to Springfield, MO on Monday..more
                              snow headed our way

                              My regional manager sent me an email
                              and wanted to know if I had an alternative
                              source of heat

                              I responded......yes


                              "The object is to keep your balls on the table and knock everybody else's off..."


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                                Re: Midwestern BS'ers -- how you guys doing?

                                Monk - HI larious!

                                The deep freeze is on now - single digit temps suck - and in Arizona? Seriously?

                                Global warming.... SURE.
                                There's always something new to learn.