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224 mph autobahn bmw

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  • 224 mph autobahn bmw

    thougt it was hoax until I read the bimmer had a 750bhp twin supercharged v10.

    sounds like a straight six at low rpms.. must be the camera.
    those headlights would get a ticket in the u.s

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    Re: 224 mph autobahn bmw

    I've never heard a triton v10 with pipes, but the vipers sound funny. V10's just sound ... different. For all the bitching about four banger noises around here, I'll go ahead and say I pretty much love all of them, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,8, 10,12... and on. Radials will always fascinate me.

    I think some of the four banger crowd needs to consider a bit more (lot more) muffler, and the guys with the split crank pin metric twins need to get a clue. It does _not_ sound "just like a harley" - it sounds "just like my lawn tractor". Harleys even, I like the sound, but put some damn mufflers back on it. Ducattis and the big twin 'zukis sound wicked as hell in full song. It's kinda wierd, when they go blowin by, it doesn't sound like they are going that fast. Inline fours above 10,000 rpm have a song of their own.

    The flat six in a Valykrie sounds very much like a Porsche though, and I get a kick out of the old Porsches with all their mechanical noises. Subies sound like Vdubs but huskier. One of the guys at work has one just about perfect for my tastes. Subdued, but snotty sounding, you can tell it's not "stock" but it doesn't say "ticket me" either until it's going well fast enough to get ticketed for other reasons.

    For all of that, I'm not fond of the sound of a b.o.v - have always wondered if you couldn't just plumb that somewhere. It sounds like a bigass air leak to me (I know - it is, and it's intentional) and makes me cringe. Diesel turbo whine from the big guys hurts my ears a little, and jake brakes startle me. They do send the "I'm a big boy" image through my brain though. Interesting visceral reactions to them, though, how each of the unique sounds make me draw a mental picture before I even see them.

    I remember being in a seminar in Downtown Dallas when they were running the Grand Prix one year. The fours came by, I'm getting antsy. Awww, coach (to my manager).... I gotta go... twitching, and ready to go outside. By the time the v8's started coming by, the walls were rumbling and they lost me to the noise. I left the seminar to drink beer on the hotel patio and watch them coming by. One of the corners was up against the patio, I was literally at the fence. It would have been pointless to make me stay in the meetings. I was gone - mentally - and was not hearing one thing they said to us.

    Sorry for beating your thread to death with my thoughts - the "sound" comment got me going. I've been known to hunt down a neighbor with a rough running or hard staring mower or trimmer and stop them so I could see what was wrong with it. I don't even mind hearing the mower if it's running right. ;)


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      Re: 224 mph autobahn bmw

      viper sound like 2 five cylinders - they friggin GO though