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Understanding and appreciating tone.

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  • Understanding and appreciating tone.

    This guy not only understands tone, he appreciates it!


    It's also one of my favorite Delbert McClinton tunes. Who needs a band to back you up when you play this well solo?

    It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.

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    Re: Understanding and appreciating tone.

    that was a great vid..
    I somehow wandered onto this, and now realized your post stinks. ???

    watch from 2:58 on if its boring..

    david crosby- almost cut my hair acoustic

    when the voice goes with the music tone.. they both take it easy and still win. ;)

    Previously boxer3main
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      Re: Understanding and appreciating tone.

      Great stuff, for sure. I'm crazy for B Music Boxcar Blues - AMAZING piece of writing.



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        Re: Understanding and appreciating tone.

        I gave up on tone..
        with todays digital compressed and sampled formats..
        the sound tone is lost.. as the recording and playback.. as digital formats.. guess at what the sound should be ..
        nevermind that almost no one knows how to use db to record the live sonic punch anymore


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          Re: Understanding and appreciating tone.

          very nicely done, nice little licks too, I still struggle with singing and playing anything other than rhythm.

          Interesting comparison with the Blues Brothers version with Steve Cropper
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