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blasted countersurfing dogs

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    Re: blasted countersurfing dogs

    my dog fence came with a tester for testing it. the brand is dog watch. it really worked well, and he did became protective and territorial . i miss that dog more than every car and ex-girlfriend I ever had.
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      Re: blasted countersurfing dogs

      Originally posted by dieselgeek
      Your bloodhound sounds a lot like my Weimaraner.

      He requires at least one scent track per day. It gets tough when it's ZERO degrees outside like today, but he insists on it.

      We take a sock, or glove, or anything that there is a pair of, and we let him have one - he goes right into his kennel (if we're lax, he'll BRING us a pair of something, drop one off, then go stand by his kennel).

      Then, we take the other glove/sock/whatever, and go hide it somewhere on the property. Doesn't matter if it's in a tree, in the barn, wherever. Upon returning, as soon as you tell him "Search!" he takes a maximum of 60 seconds to find whatever it was you are hiding. And that's his daily ritual. If we don't do it, GUARANTEE that he'll throw a fit while we're at work, chew holes in the wall, destroy something.

      Work dogs are just that way I guess?

      ps your dogs look happy.
      we do much the same thing, I load up a kong with peanut butter and throw it into the woods then tell her to 'find' it. we were at wits end with this one before I started doing that.
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        Re: blasted countersurfing dogs

        Unfortunately - we had to find our shepherd a new home after 5.5 years. She was getting aggressive with Lee, and with all our attention on him, we haven't had the time to get her the daily runs she needs to not become destructive. It was an emotional roller coaster - but - undoubtedly the right thing to do. She's part of a neighbors friends family now - they are empty nesters with plenty of time to spend with her - so she really is better off - and we don't have tumble weeds of dog hair in our house anymore!
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          Re: blasted countersurfing dogs

          The scooter has really helped King burn off his energy and be a better house dog. I took him out this morning already and (his choice) he ran almost all the way around the half mile circle - 15-20 mph. Probably NOT the right solution for the Bloodhound but might have helped John with his Shepherd. At say, 15 mph, it only takes a couple of minutes to do the 1/2 mile.

          Hope the electrified kitchen works out for you