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New Orleans Road Trip.. Who's in?

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  • New Orleans Road Trip.. Who's in?

    The next edition of the Road Tour Express is kicking off. We took this chance to step in front of the camera (something we won’t do very often) and express our gratitude to the participants and sponsors from the January event and invite you to get involved with the March event.

    Road Tour Express 2011 #2 will run March 7th-10th"][/URL]
    We’re taking this one down south, with a real party in mind, and we’re asking you to help us shape this event.

    We are looking for ideas on an exact destination:
    We know we want to end up in the New Orleans area. Do you know of a cool spot to have the last day’s drive end? Maybe a shop, museum, hotel, or cool restaurant?

    How about challenge ideas:
    Watch the previous events and get the idea of what we’re after. They should be simple to complete but leave plenty of room for creativity.

    Team Captains (Tour Guides):
    We need 2 people to step up and take on the task of assembling a teams. This isn’t as easy as it sounds – in fact it is a little like herding flies! “Tour Guides” search forums and message boards looking for volunteers and play a complicated game of connect-the-dots to ensure the package gets delivered to the destination. It is actually optional for the Tour Guide to be a driver in the event.

    We will need 8 drivers (and co-drivers) that can spend a day driving around in their hot rod. These drives should be around 75 to 100 miles, giving more than enough time to complete the challenge, drop off the package to the next crew, and return home."]CLICK HERE to submit ideas[/URL]"]CLICK HERE to sign up to take part[/URL]