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Biggest Mistake A Car Guy Makes Is...

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    Re: Biggest Mistake A Car Guy Makes Is...

    Originally posted by Blazerteam
    Originally posted by milner351
    BTW - never leave home without the camera!
    X2 ;)
    Gota love our cell phones..... mine has a 5 mega pixel and I never leave home with out it..... ;D

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      Re: Biggest Mistake A Car Guy Makes Is...

      Biggest mistake I find is simply doing stuff twice. But that's the fun of learning...

      And Brian,
      Originally posted by Brian Lohnes
      1.) Underestimating yourself
      2.) Viewing problems as insurmountable obstacles instead of fun challenges
      3.) Letting an inanimate object "beat" you
      4.) Waiting for perfect to happen
      5.) Thinking that anything is going to be cheap
      6.) To give up especially when the reason is short sighted
      7.) Allow a hobby to detract from family and truly important life stuff
      8.) Getting hung up on what other have and constantly bemoaning the fact that you don't
      9.) Forgetting that this stuff is fun and an escape from the daily grind
      10.) to use the most dangerous words in the English language, "That's the way we've always done it"


      The way I handle most of those things, in particular when I swapped the 5.0 to my little truck, was to remember that I am "eating an elephant". You can't do it all in one day, but with planning, time, and enjoyment- it gets done. "One bite at a time"
      1997 Ranger 5.0L HO, GT40 heads/tubular intake, 65mm TB, 1.7rr, B303, Tri-Y headers, dual 2.5" exhaust, Flowmaster mufflers, T5 trans, Tri-Ax shifter, CenterForce Dual Friction clutch, 8.8 Traction Lok 3.55 gears, Cobra 13" front brakes, Cobra 11.65" rear discs.
      1997 Mustang GT