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Desert car kings TV show

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  • Desert car kings TV show

    What do you guys think of this show? Looking at all the neat stuff in the yard is great but the whole thing is a little hokey.
    The cars they redo aren't really great either and they wonder why they dont get alot of dough for them. You could see the bad bodywork on that red Galaxy they did on TV even.

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    Re: Desert car kings TV show


    We watch the show primarily for its setting (Southwestern USA).

    It's just one more show on the same menu that began w/ OC Choppers, Monster Garage, Boyd, etc

    All with their suspiciously/deliberately contrived interpersonal "drama" & ominously looming deadlines.

    Sorta wince hearing "musclecar" and "restored" so overused & misused.

    It's sorta like a somewhat pitiful spin-off of a previous show, Rags-to-Riches.


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      Re: Desert car kings TV show

      LOL! you have a point ,they have to cater to the masses.I guess its like when you hear bad car references on a movie and it makes you cringe.The scenery is nice though.


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        Re: Desert car kings TV show

        I can't stand to watch it.....They showed chevelles when they were talking about galaxies....and are full of BAD saying a 390 is hard to find.....

        Dumb....and Whiny.....
        200 mph or bust.......


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          Re: Desert car kings TV show

          I couldn't get through the first episode, seemed to scripted, and like Seth said, for a car guy to alittle off reality's path for me.

          I hope Car Warriors turns out to be good.
          Jeremy George in Windsor NY


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            Re: Desert car kings TV show

            I saw parts of one show... but when they kept referring to a Ranchero as a El Camino - eventually, I just couldn't take it anymore and turned it off. I know for certain that if I need used parts; I'll never buy it from them.
            Doing it all wrong since 1966


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              Re: Desert car kings TV show

              Funny you mentioned this show.......I happened upon
              it the last few weeks in the motel and watched a few episodes

              It's pretty damn hokey for sure......scripted to say
              the least

              The auctions they have are hilarious.......saw a couple
              of people sharing teeth

              "The object is to keep your balls on the table and knock everybody else's off..."