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Hot Rod Movie: "Deuce of Spades" Premiere

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  • Hot Rod Movie: "Deuce of Spades" Premiere

    "Deuce of Spades" Premiere

    The young woman behind the movie, Faith Grainger, first
    began posting her ideas & plans about her dream-goal of
    making this movie @ the H.A.M.B. forum years ago, sharing
    tales of driving her '32 around SoCal, asking for input, etc.

    Her thread grew to be one of their busiest/most active,
    especially when she began posting pics of locations and
    cars, showing a gifted eye for authenticity, as well as a
    reverent respect for her chosen subject.

    I suppose the thread might still be there, but as soon as
    mention was made of romantic plot twists and/or music
    for its soundtrack began to be discussed...the thread was
    soon locked. (?)

    So, I'm glad the movie is completed and one person's dream realized.

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    Re: Hot Rod Movie: "Deuce of Spades" Premiere

    Buy it. I did. Best 23 bucks you'll spend. I've watched the first 15 min's but, I'm going to wait and have a friday nite benchrace,pizza, buddies over deal to watch it all.

    It's the next "Worlds Fastest Indian" movie, I think its that good. The famous custom car builder cameo's are cool!
    Jeremy George in Windsor NY


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      Re: Hot Rod Movie: "Deuce of Spades" Premiere

      My wife bought it for me at Christmas. A really well done, enjoyable movie.

      GET IT!
      There are very few people in this world who's opinion I value, you are not one of them.

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        Re: Hot Rod Movie: "Deuce of Spades" Premiere

        Just ordered a copy. Thanks for the reminder.