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  • turbo willys article

    a few years back their was an article i believe in hotrod mag. that discussed the first turbo dragcar. it was a willys gasser with a 327 sbc and turbo. later the guys built a 64-65 mopar and was the first intercooled turbo drag car. i have 100s of mags. to look thru and try to find it. any ideas on what issue or the names of these guys so i could look them up on the web? thanks

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    Re: turbo willys article

    LT1....this is truly hilarious.

    In this issue that should be coming to your local newsstand or your front door in a short while I wrote the "where it all began" (big photo with some text that runs in the front of every issue of Hot Rod) on The Mallicoat Brothers twin turbo 327 powered Willys. The car won AA/GS at the winternationals in (I think 1964). I don't have the story in front of me, but I believe I cite the month that the original story ran.

    The guys went on to do a Barracuda with a TT Hemi in it that is still being run on the west coast.

    What timing!

    The second car you reference is most likely Bud Faubel's "Hemi Honker" Coronet. That car ran with a twin turbo setup in the same era (64-66 time frame). The car was in fact intercooled with two humongo intercoolers that sat in each front fender and supposedly the car had something like two twenty gallon water tanks in the trunk to house all the liquid. Again (supposedly) according to guy from the era, the car ran 30lbs of boost and the motor was capable of 2,000 horsepower, a number that fuel racers of the era hadn't touched yet. That's a car that weighed like 4000lbs all in and ran on a 10 inch rock hard slick. It ran in the 9's and in the 170mph range. It was way ahead of it's time and I believe the car went to a "normal" roots style blower after the turbo experiment ended.

    Sorry to ramble, but I'm a drag racing dork. I know Steve Managnte (holy horrific spelling batman) has joined this board, maybe he can shed some more light on to the Hemi Honker, seeing as he is a certified Mopar loon.

    That which you manifest is before you.


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      Re: turbo willys article

      yes, malicoat were the guys. and the 64 later with a 65 front end cornet was the intercooled car i was refering too. i just didnt want to have to dig through hundreds of mags. to find it. i may still just to go over the article again.


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        Re: turbo willys article

        There's a write up on the Willys in the book Gasser Wars.