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  • I get mad at rice (some here know)
    I remember when this came out, and saw in the specs it was a 72 degree block.
    no other manufacture ships the v10 correctly..they all cheat the block angle for reasons unknown.
    I knew this one was going to sound amazing before hearing it.
    I just learned in this video ..years later, it is made by yamaha.. so there is the formula 1 link after all.

    I have never heard a sound recording so good.
    this guy is traveling on familiar roads in massachusetts in this video.
    plays with 0 to 90.. well, like a formula 1 driver.
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    • Almost an hour and a half of Richard, Dulcich and Freiburger

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      • DB sent this one. It goes to show it ain't always the guy with the fastest car who wins, it often comes down to who has quickest pig stop.

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