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    Buickguy wanted to know why we can't comment on Blog Items like we used to. That is being addressed right now with a different system, so we'll have commenting again pretty soon. With that said, if you want to comment on a blog item, just start a thread.

    Buickguy disagrees with my blog item. I'll let him post his thoughts and then respond so as to keep his opinion clear and to create no bias.

    Go hot Buickguy....
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    something like the wreck needs to happen. keeps us on are toes.

    just growing up with this stuff has its tales of structural horror...

    how bout an 84 monte with a real 5.7 liter (just one example)

    live and learn.

    the vette is a bigger pussy.

    just kidding. it appears the wheel broke in the slo-mo part of the vid. I do not like those wheels anyway.
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      Stoneshrink, formerly know as Buick Guy wrote the following.

      Originally posted by stoneshrink View Post
      okay Chad.... my comment, racing is a dangerous sport - tracks are designed to reduce the damages to the innocent other motorists (sheeples).... thus, I think your blog about the Corvette and 200 mph was completely off. If the guys who own the Corvette want to run something that will kill them - let em. As long as they don't go drive that beast (or its son) out on the street at 200mph, it's just fine.

      I do think that tracks have become as warm/fuzzy/treehuggy as the general population when at the end it should be the participant's choice whether or not they have all the safety gear you think is necessary.
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        I agree with you Stone that racing can be dangerous. 100% correct. It is much more dangerous to drive to work each morning, with rare exception.

        Tracks are designed to keep the spectators, other motorists, etc. out of harms way. But they are also designed to provide a safe place to race for the participants/racers themselves.

        Here is why you are wrong that the tracks shouldn't care what you have or don't have with regards to safety equipment. By letting anything go, you have shortened the lifespan of your track dramatically. (I know there are examples you can give of tracks that don't care who have been around a long time. That is because of dumb luck and local. It is not common. Don't use that easy argument.)

        The reason that the lifespan of the track matters is because by showing up with crap safety gear, and being allowed to run, you risk everyone elses ability to race. I know that might sound tree hugger or whatever you called it, but that ain't it at all. If you want to wad yourself up, that is your business. You F$*% it up for me and you better hope you died in the crash because there will be hell to pay. We already have to deal with bitchy people complaining about noise and traffic going to a race track. Or impacting the Great Farting Turtle of North Carolina, but being safe is something we have direct control over. Go 200mph in your new Corvette with an 11.50 rollbar in it, crash and die, and I'm the one suffering right along with your family. Not cool.

        Plus, do you think the guy that races his unsafe car is going to keep it out of court if he does survive? No, he's going to sue and say that the promoter should have known better.

        "He was just an idiot in his own car, the promoter or sanctioning body should have told him this was a bad idea and not let him race.", Says the young mother of three that just watched her husband take his first unassisted breath after suffering a crash six weeks ago at the Timbuctoo Mile. She's sueing the promoter and track for $25 bajillion dollars. The track was not available for comment, but all racing operations have ceased pending state investigations. Sources tell us that the track will never be able to recover financially, and will probably never reopen.

        We all suffer. I'm telling you man, I have seen it many times before.

        That is why Hinsons shouldn't have been able to race that car at those speeds, even if you want to take their safety completely out of it.
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          arguing aside.. did anyone notice the wheel?

          I caught heck at a track, my first time.
          they have the right to do what they do for safekeep. My steel wheel did not break either.
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          the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


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            What Chad said.


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              Agree, what Chad said *10. If it were ONLY the driver of the poorly-equipped car whose life and hobby were endangered, I'd be fine with letting any dumb assclown go out at 230mph with a Roll Bar. But, the problem is, he endangers OTHER lives, and he endangers the entire sport - all it's going to take is one good accident and a lawsuit and Texas Mile is done. Thus ending the fun for EVERYONE.
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                ok "what if" a major accident happens, parademics, possible life flight, possible death. racing gets shut down to clean up the mess. Ive been to ALOT of the local motorsports events and to carry insurance paramedics have to be on site and ready to roll. IF a person gets hurt those paramedics and ambulance have to roll out with the injured to the nearest facility to treat the victim.

                I have been one of those victims and was hurt at a dragstrip out of town, because of the paramedics not being there and transporting me the racing was shut down for 2 hours while i was being treated and transported til the paramedics returned. You want to be the most hated guy for a while and not able to show your face because of some people being mad cause they couldnt race, go ahead and put safety second on your list
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                  Totally off topic, but what is probably the coolest thing about Booghar chiming in is that his avatar is of him looking like a Marshmallow at a camp fire.
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                    what's the point of racing? it's to either 1) entertain, or 2) provide entertainment for those who are participating. Life is inherently dangerous, but in the end of it all it's a person's choice as to how dangerously they want to live their lives. The original Hot Rod track team was all about getting people off the street, and that's not where the state of racing is today - it's about making money off other people's hobby. It's lost its original purpose. I'm not arguing that someone's smoking, anti-freezing spewing, PCV rollbar equipped car shouldn't be banned - but I am saying that when you're providing a space for people to race (and keep them from doing it on the Texas highways) you really need to be aware that if you make it too onerous to participate, they WILL race on the streets. Yep, the guy got lucky, bet he has a full cage next time - but it's not for you to tell him that... advise him before; make him sign a waiver stating the stupid things he's doing; but let em race... if they wreck hard enough all you need is a hose for clean up.
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                      those stills at the end of the vid show how lucky the driver was - that minimal cage was spaghetti'd.

                      much as I dislike what the nhra has turned into, their time & speed =x safety equipment in vehicle are extremely sensible IMO and I agree running a fiberglass car with a 15 second bracket cage in it at that speed isn't the brightest idea on a lot of levels. Lucky this time...


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                        So do they think a wheel breaking was the cause of the crash? or was that just part of the damage?


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                          Originally posted by stoneshrink View Post
                          Yep, the guy got lucky, bet he has a full cage next time - but it's not for you to tell him that... advise him before; make him sign a waiver stating the stupid things he's doing; but let em race.
                          That doesn't seem to be the attitude of any race sanctioning bodies I know of....huh.....
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                            The reality is that no matter how safe you force your participants to be ($$) , the decision to sue is an emotional one and not subject to logic. And stuff is gonna happen at 230mph. shit breaks. So - as a promoter - you will never get away from the prospect of being shut down by court induced financial penalty so long as we live in a litigious society. If I want to risk my own life for my own enjoyment or to impress my trophy girlfriend...and if I wanna do it in front of spectators or be a spectator to it - (Hey billy bob! Watch This!!) then dammit, i should be allowed. its my life. but i guess we can't eh? anybody wanna street race?
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                              It'll work like the NHRA did growing up in the 50's and 60's. As people die in the cars the rules will expand to cover whatever it was that killed them, until the entire event looks like a bunch of cookie cutter cars with the same spec motor, tire, gear, fuel pump, blower, timing, etc...