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anyone good at photoshop ?

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  • anyone good at photoshop ?

    I have installed a blazer fuel tank in my 71 c-10p/u
    and now looking at Ideas for fuel filler/door

    my truck is a long bed but this pic is a good side shot

    and these are the doors I'm looking at, as they mount with screws, unlike say a s-10 fuel door that I'd have to cut and weld in.. as repaint isn't in the trucks cards anytime soon..

    these are from a jeep..

    I was thinking putting it where the side marker is , or infront of it..

    any other ideas??

    and thanks..
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    Here ya go!
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      forgot to tell you I removed the original cap not sure if you wanted that. Beautiful truck


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        It is hard to see much difference but here are the three you posted:

        However, one of the coolest ones I've seen on the C10 is the RideTech "Gumby". They used the "coolcap" and mounted it in the "post-hole" on the top back edge of the bed. Very slick!


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          Thanks for doing that Scott. Route2 are the guys that do the Road Tour Express, and who are colaborating on the 48 Hour Camaro project with us.
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            That one looks like the filler from a boat - generally they are stainless and sealed with an o-ring - check some boating supply places or ebay. They mount with oval head screws.
            There's always something new to learn.


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              here is what someone else on another board did.Click image for larger version

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                Also look at motorcycle caps. We put one on dads car that is flush when tight. And you push it in and it pops up and screws out. Very nice finish, and fairly easy to mount. The threads on a motorcycle tank and late model filler tubes are the same.
                I think we got it from JP cycles?
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