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Need some help that is not car realted LOL (robotics)

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    well there is a guy out there that has done it but wont tell anyone lol. here are a couple of his vids and yes this is a serious hobby ive spent many many hours on all my stuff as well as many late nights and dont even get me started on the painting process which alwasy comes down to the week before holloween.


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      Originally posted by Stich496 View Post
      look at catt tape player doors that opened slowly for ideas..
      they have to hinges like your helmet/mask and where spring loaded, with a gear/clutch that was small/cheap and slowed the door movement..
      That would work if you only need to open it remotely, and you can push it closed. If you want it to open and close remotely, then it needs real actuation, not just a release and spring.
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        You might want to look at the mechanism for a CD or CDROM tray on a computer.
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