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Everlast tig welders?

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  • Everlast tig welders?

    No, I'm not interested in buying a tig welder. My buddy who lives in SC works for a small commercial kitchen refrigeration company. My friend, Bob, said his boss asked him if he could weld some stainless. Bob said he only has an old mig welder and didn't have argon or any gas for that matter. He told his boss that a tig welder would be better. So they ended up buying a HF tig/DC stick welder for about $500. Bob says it works great!

    Any how, getting to the point, I was just curious what tig welders were going for. I saw a clip on youtube for Everlast welders on a graigs list add. I checked out bay and saw this

    For the price it's gotta be be a Chinese unit. Just wondering if anybody has herd of them? Might be just the ticket for some one looking to buy a welding/plasma set up.
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    this company and yep, chinese... they sell under a bunch of brands.

    plasma/welders in general do neither well. Esab (an italian company) came out with one 15 or so years ago - I hated it so much I'll never buy another of their welders (even though, they do make some nice machines now).

    That said, you can buy a new, portable Miller TIG welder for less than $1,000 (last time I check it was $846) - and never ever have to replace it. Also, when you sell the American made welders (up to a point) you can basically get your money back if you keep it in hobbiest (read, un-beat-up) shape.

    As for getting something to weld TIG - Craigslist is full of older Miller or Lincoln welders that work quite well... and, best of all, you can get replacement parts for them if something goes bad, and any welding shop can fix them (but do see my post about my plasma problems). I have a Miller TIG welder that is 4 years younger then me, I still use it often... but then again, I can strike an arc
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