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I know mosthere Hate NASCAR but

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  • I know mosthere Hate NASCAR but

    if you go to
    grand price
    you can enter to win 2 tickets to the nascar race at INDY JULY 31,2011

    or 4 first prices of 2500.oo in gas

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    Who says we dont like Nascar ??
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      anytime I post nascar all I get is it sucks post.. mostly from the armchair q/bs that never been to a race..


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        I took some psychology in college........I see two women in your 'inkblot' avatar........
        What The Hell Happened ?
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          I'd rather have the $2,500 in gas please.
          Just groovin' to my own tune.


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            most nascar races bore me, short tracks are a different story, I'll watch those
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              I'm a NASCAR fan but I'd rather have the 2500 in gas, I can't stand Kurt Busch.
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                It took me 40 years to soak it up and finally get over it, NASCAR. Rich guys in tube frames. Money galore, except for the fans.

                I'll never forget it...Charlotte Motor Speedway.....caution flag. Everybody herded to the bathrooms. Peeing into a trough, elbow-to-elbow. Packed. There were two guys peeing in the sink, and one of them commented to the other about how redneck the folks were who were sitting beside them in the grandstands.
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                  I believe that's one of the characteristics of being an 'un-aware' redneck; Thinking you're not one of them...
                  Then there are also the ones that let you know they're damn proud to be a one!
                  Those are the wanna-be's that just want to be disliked by others, and tend to think they belong to a certain group of people, but even fail at that part in life...


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                    I'm a redneck. Sometimes (for work at least) I dress such that you can't tell, but yeah, I'm a redneck. I fully know and understand the heritage.

                    Rednecks, real ones, will jump in front of a train for you if they like you. There's a lot to be said for that.

                    Back to the thread subject. It's ironic that NASCAR is such a redneck magnet. We can only watch and dream about being in that car. I guess that's the draw. When so few of us can really afford the ticket these days. But everybody needs a distraction from the daily grind. Something. An event.

                    But NASCAR sucks up fan money like .... well, whatever the most sucking thing on earth is.
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                      I was more thinking 'sterotype' rednecks.
                      P, if you were a real type redneck, shouldn't you have been in bed because of that late friday night partying at the local hog-house bbq


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                        Up and down up and down. Nap, then more BangShift. I'm too old to party all night. I have to do it in shifts on the weekend.

                        BangShift keeps me up at night. Can I somehow get banned?
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                          peewee, I think you need to get out more..

                          a nascar w end two races sat. (nationwide and modifieds) a nights hotel stay and sundays race of the sprint cup is cheaper than most NBA NHL or baseball game.. I can go to a race w end for less money than going to fenway park with good seats and parking/eating at fenway.. same with a celtics game or bruins game...
                          they are a few hours the race w end is two solid days..
                          NHMS 2 tickets for both sat and sunday is 160.oo for good seats, it's even cheaper if you take the luck of the draw on where you'll be seated..
                          and alot of tracks it's even cheaper.. some 25 bucks a seat.. like bristal(sp?) they isn't a bad seat there.. 25 bucks..
                          so I don't understand how, you think the tickets are out of line..
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                            Okay, I must stand corrected. It's been a long used to be you could by a decent beater for what they wanted for a top row seat at Charlotte.

                            And you're right about Bristol, what a fabulous facility. And LOUD? Godalmighty, it's a giant aluminum speaker cone. Gut-wrattling loud. They don't call it Thunder Valley for nothing. Saw a truck race there on a Friday years ago, you couldn't even get a ticket for the big races if you wanted one to begin with. Sold out. That was back in the heyday.
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                              I don't hate NASCAR although I think they could use a change of management at the top, I don't usually have the time or patience to sit and watch a race for 3 + hours on the tube and I certainly wouldn't spend the time or the money to go see one, the same goes for NHRA although I may go to Indy for a day this year, it's only 110 miles from home to the track. As for the Pro Sports of Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, I wouldn't walk across the street if the tickets were free but that's just me and I've already been told I'm different so there!
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