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Anyone ever bought parts for a project they don't even own yet???

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    my issue is I have parts for cars that are gone..
    but if I did some how come across a v8 monza in a junkyard, I'd buy parts for a car I've always wanted to build
    I think I might start grabing stuff and e baying them to support my chevelle build..


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      Originally posted by 67pete300 View Post
      It seems like you just made Chief yesterday! Retirement already? (That's my jealousy coming out. I can't wait to stop moving.)

      The closest I have is a three-one barrel intake with carbs and linkage. It COULD be totally overhauled and installed on my current project, but there is no real plan to do so. I bought it from a guy while looking at an engine he had for sale. He casually mentioned this "other intake setup" he had and I impulse bought it for $100.
      Don't hate! LOL You'll get your chance soon enough. ;)

      And that $100 combo NEEDS to be rebuilt and installed on that badass six of yours!
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        Buying parts for cars we dont have would just be the car guy in all of us. Its hard to see a set of wheels like vintage slots or decent cragars or a set of steelies and not take them home. You know in the end you or a buddy will need them. I cant count the Holley carbs I have bought and rebuilt or a intake because I knew it was something I was going to use. And none of us can pass up a cheap pair of aluminum valve covers even if its not for our brand of engine, we know we can sell them and make money.


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          Crap I have to update my sig line.
          Well I have stopped buying stuff for cars I don't own. Is that a step in the right or wrong direction?


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            My grandfather use to call that "an under the bed kit", as in you put all the fancy, shiny, go fast parts there, till you had a real place to put them.

            I've done more parts list making will tumbing through a Jeg's or Summit catalog, than actual buying. Like this weekend, I've been on the hunt for a 79-95 Mustang to buy as a daily driver toy, and found another 79 Mustang Indy Pace car. The guy has even called me back yet to say it's still for sale but, that hasn't stopped me from perparing a list of stuff I already want to get for it.

            It's a sickness, and we all have it LOL.
            Jeremy George in Windsor NY