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Street racing , guess I am kinda at a loss for words

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    i really need to see that 1320 a west coast story movie
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      I've done it in the past, still go out every weekend when it is dry out. I only run bottom 12's and I feel that it is a little to fast to be racing on the street. My freinds have a 69 nova that does 8.60's and there is no way in hell I would make a pass on the street in it. I don't think it is the racers as much as what happens when traffic dosen't see you. About 3 weeks ago there was an accident where a 13 year old kid was hit by a spectators car at the street races. The kid is ok but it is further proof that you have to watch everything around you.
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        Originally posted by A/Fuel View Post
        Whats wrong with working on someone elses stuff, what did you do last week?

        nothing wrong with it, untill you blast others about their junk not being finished when YOU HAVE NOTHING

        1) th350 filter and pan gasket and paint pan
        2) tailshaft seal, 3 u joints and carrier bearing
        3)new gear lube in the 12 bolt and gasket and painted cover
        3) new bushing in the long arms and track bar
        4)sanded, cleaned and por15 the bottom of the trucks 8' bed (that was this week sorry)
        4) wired in relays for low and high beam.. taking that 20 amps out of the factory wire harness. so I can run h4 bulbs
        5) wired in 2 junction blocks, one on each inner fender
        6) changed from an external regulated alt, to an internal and rewired for it..
        7) started wire'n the gauge cluster that I built
        8]greased the front end and packed the front bearings
        9) replaced the rubber line for the rear brakes, and one steel line to drivers side rear brake
        10) did rear brakes (oh that was this week too, sorry)
        11) ran lines(fuel) for the blazer tank that will go under the bed

        oh, and this was on my truck 71 c-10.. it's in the project threads..
        but yet, d/g will post what he did ,with snid remarks of how it's so much faster than anything I'll build, when all he does is work on OTHERS JUNK..
        it's like the guy that talks up a good show at a car show, my buddies this, my buddies that. while he bashes (picks apart) your car parked at the show..
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          Don't be a hater!
          Originally posted by TC
          also boost will make the cam act smaller


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            Originally posted by a/fuel View Post
            don't be a hater!
            think you got the wrong guy