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Goliath... Autocross.... Brian---DO IT!!

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  • Goliath... Autocross.... Brian---DO IT!!

    Now that Goliath has nearly received the official Commonweath of Massachusetts DMV blessing...

    Any Autocrossing close enough to drive to in that behemoth?
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    I would absoluetly do it, but I am virtually certain the the rules disallow lifted trucks. Although my truck is not technically lifted, I don't think they'd let me on the course.
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      Seems like fun to me. I'd give it a try. Remember, you can easily take out all those little cones........



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        They'd have to reconfigure the cones to "wide load" dimensions

        You could probably do the whole course in 2nd, the amount of steering input required would be hillarious to watch!
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          2nd? I was thinking 3rd!

          Although it may be funnier to make the first run in low gear, at walking speed, with the engine know, just for effect. HA!
          That which you manifest is before you.


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            I would pay good money to see you attempt that hahahaha
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              You would need a in-cab video of the whole thing!
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                i have the strangest feeling brian would clip a few cones cause he wouldnt be able to see them
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                  I have two words for you- arm pump.

                  Eat a couple bananas before you go would be a good idea.

                  Yes- NO TRUCKS of any kind allowed in SCCA Solo.

                  You need to go to the Big Rig drags at Atco in NJ, where also I believe they still do the trucker rodeo, which was pretty close to a SCCA solo run LOL.
                  Jeremy George in Windsor NY


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                    That would be a real trip!
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                      While the SCCA won't let me in, I know where to get cones and I know of a few empty parking lots.

                      Sometime this summer, I'll do it.
                      That which you manifest is before you.