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    Took the Car B Que to the local car show last night, and don't cha knowit, we got a trophy for best graphics or Flames!
    When life hands you lemons, go get a ice cream cone!


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      OKAY!!! Went to the DMV to register the Car-B-Que.
      Was told to take it around to the back to the verification area.
      All my papers were in order and they just wanted to verify everything worked.
      The lady steps out from the door, walking looking at her clip board.
      I noticed that when she looked up, she stopped, paused, shook her head,
      turned around and said "I gotta go get smeone else"
      After that, all the DMV employees came out one, by, one and took photos of the Car B Que.
      Finally when I was back inside, paid my fee and received my plate, the office manager came over to me.
      He says "are you going to build more of these?" I said yes, the next one is going to be a
      Tempanyaky table, he muttered as he rolled his eyes,
      "ohhhh we're gonna have to rewrite the book"
      DUDE! Get a grip, I'm gonna build a whole fleet of these! LOL!!!

      When life hands you lemons, go get a ice cream cone!


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        gotta love it when the whole DMV comes out scratching their head and trying to decide what to do.
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          That's a feat in itself. You got the entire DMV staff off their butts. So, is it registered as a car or trailer?
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            The Car-B-Que is now registered as a specialty utility homebuilt trailer,
            with fees to be paid once evry 5 years. (Jerry Brown is gonna be pissed!)
            As soon as I get the upholstry tomorrow, I can start
            concentrating on building the next one! Yeah!
            When life hands you lemons, go get a ice cream cone!