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The cruising problem

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  • The cruising problem

    Seems all the "cruising" these days involves geezers sitting in lawn chairs in the afternoon.

    A friend mentioned that he was thinking of hanging out in a parking lot on the main drag late at we all used we're gonna give it a try this Saturday.

    Wish us luck.
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    me and Bryan should come up and join you...
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      Let us know how the cops take it. They're probably all too young to remember being bored and driving up and down the road with every other kid in town to alleviate boredom.
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        We tried that on Sat nights at our local burger king but maybe we dont look too friendly or something. Its usually just us.


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          Yeah, so many towns across the nation have hopped on the "cruise night" bandwagon and do such an awful job of it... That's why in this neck of the woods, Old Bridge Township Raceway Park's Cruise Nights have become a local phenom among hot rodders looking for a true "hassle free" alternative to the run-of-the-mill cruise nights hosted by surrounding municipalities... The next one is July 12th (and there's one scheduled for August 9th). Entry is FREE and you're also entitled to a FREE pass down Raceway Park's famous 1/4 mile dragstrip (as long as yer car is street-muffled)-- You can't beat that! There's a burnout contest (with no fear of losing your license or a stiff ticket from a traffic cop like what happens at most other cruise nights if you dare to spin even a little rubber). There's also music, food, and beer-- It's about time someone does a cruise night RIGHT!!-- Yeah, let's face it, most typical cruise nights we now see happening in "EveryTown U.S.A." are just plain corrupt, especially with their hidden speed traps and restrictions that make it far more likely to send you home with a traffic ticket than a sense of satisfaction. That's not the case at ETown's Cruise Nights! Raceway Park does it the right way! If you are in the area, come on out to Old Bridge Township Raceway Park for a cruise night that finally makes good sense for the hot rod enthusiast!...

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            Properly set up cruise nights can bring in dollars to the merchants and everyone is happy. The area I cruised in the 60's, LE now has the gall to ticket anyone who passes a certain point twice in a given time frame. I've wanted to challange this BS in court, but local cops are told (by their Watch Commander) not to enforce the cruising ban against old farts like me, because they know us old guys WILL challange that in court. The kids call it selective enforcement, and they are correct.
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              Here's how we do it .... with the blessing of the PD too. In fact I'll be up there tonight.

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                Good luck, hope it works out well.


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                  we used to get to marcus dairy after everybody left , that place used to empty out at 8 pm


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                    im gunna get in touch with some of my older friends and see if they want to take over the local sonic on friday nights, when I lived in Tempe, AZ and driving one of my vws, the third friday of the month we took over the local sonic and the owner loved us, we would fill every spot and since it was on the main road people would always stop to check out all the vws. the owner told us it was his best night out of the entire month
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                      We're cruising at Culver's tonite in South County.

                      It's a pretty neat cruise.......lots of the South City folks
                      bring their rides down and there's usually a Barris car there.

                      I'm likin the cruise Doc pass down the track is
                      pretty awesome

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                        Shoot, people sit out in lawn chairs from the first thaw to the first snow along Woodward, even when nothing but commuters are out during rush hour.
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                          That was an issue when Van Nuys started up again. The geezers idea of cruising Van Nuys was to park their car, then park their butts until they felt it was time to leave. Not even one circuit. For them, it's all about getting the best parking spot.

                          Early arrivals at Bob's Big Boy last night was all about who gets what spot. Bob's management doesn't allow the premium spots to be used by the cruisers until after three, yet there are people getting there as early as 1 pm every week. Thankfully, they leave by 7 pm so they get into bed by 8 pm.
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                            I should send myself to a time out for not attending but there are a few Sheetz and WaWa gatherers around here. Mostly kids in Hondas. Some guys I went to high school with go in some nice equipment.
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                              Back in the day we used to cruise Central Ave here in Phoenix, It was pretty much a 5 mile cruise up and down Central, there was drag racing at every light, sometimes it took an hour just to cruise the whole stretch. Definitely GREAT times back then.......But the cops and the city closed it down years ago, so now today a couple times a year they have the big Cruise on Central with a big car show at Park Central mall and everyone cruises up and down Central all day long and into the night. And I have to say the Cops are way cool, they let guys do burnouts as long as there isn't a lot of people around, hell one guy smoked up the whole street right in front of a cop and he did nothing. As for me, I've been cruising the Z28 when they have the event, I like to edge myself up into a group of really radical cars and then start revving up the motor and next thing you know EVERYONE is revving their motors......Oh the sweets sound of horsepower........Good time, Good times!!!!!!

                              Seems the next cruise on Central is Oct 8th, good times if find yourself here in Phoenix, and by then we're back to Paradise weather.......
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