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    I had my hopes up a little, but it's just as douchey as Top Gear America. <sigh>


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      I forgot, was watching reruns of Tosh.O

      Judging by the reviews here I will not be rushing to tune in...thanks for saving me the agony.
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        Did I miss something? I'm watching RT 66 and listening to Motley Crue....drinking a beer of coarse
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        also boost will make the cam act smaller


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          It was god awful
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            I agree, pretty disapointing, not really surprised though.
            Just groovin' to my own tune.


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              Maybe it was a good thing I was working.
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                Maybe it was a good thing I don't get that channel, or any pay channel. Think of the money (and hours of my life) I saved.
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                  I watched a little of it. Typical Adam Carolla vehicle. Won't watch it again.


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                    OK, I went into this with an open mind, and I really want a good car show to exist! OMG it is a good thing those four guys think they are so funny because I am sure I did not. I also felt it was a bit insulting when Mr Carolla thought he said something great he felt the need to self-applaud thus prompting the audience (?) to join in as well, Maybe they didn' have the bucks for the APPLAUSE sign? I think we all would have been better served joining A/Fuel partaking in RT 66, Motley Crew and Beer... OH well. We already knew the only car shows worth watching are the ones that originate from BS!

                    Anybody seen "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding"? Now there is some bizarro entertainment!

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                      I watched until I saw Carolla come out dressed in Jeff Foxworthy "garb" like he was hosting "Are you smarter than a 5th grader." Told me right there this wasn't going to fly and the mentality of the show. What I did watch (the intro's) was bad enough!


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                        I just watched it on hulu.

                        at least its a car show..

                        I hope it was the real thing on hulu? lemons race etc etc?

                        I watched the internet guy matt since 409 garage, 419 ?
                        can't remember.

                        depeneding on how serious they can get.. easy going and playing stupid as as far as it goes for any of us, most of the car talking time...
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                          I'm surprised at the hate. It's not Top Gear, but then what is?

                          Most of the car shows are fairly crummy, this one is pretty much at the same level.

                          I liked the Lemons segment, didn't care for the game show. Jimmy Johnson is supposed to be their big splash guest. No worse than having Buzz Aldrin on your first show.


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                            Originally posted by Rebeldryver View Post
                            Maybe it was a good thing I was working.
                            working the ESPYS ?
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