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Kenosha homecoming this weekend

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  • Kenosha homecoming this weekend

    This weekend AMC/Nash/Rambler geeks will be migrating back to their birth place in Kenosha Wisconsin.
    So for those of you in the midwest, be warned you may encounter some odd cars, and even strainger owners rolling through your town in a few days.
    I believe this is a once every 4 years event, here are a few pictures from '07.

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    I've made several trips to Kenosha when I was into
    the AMX's.
    Great venue for a car show.

    "The object is to keep your balls on the table and knock everybody else's off..."


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        i read somewhere that the swap meet is suposed to be the best for that crowd, on a side note, Kenosha County had the best county fair I have ever been to, I went every night 4 nights in a row, saw combine demo derby, non wing spring cars, truck/tractor pulls, and a demo derby that had 12 heat races and one gran finale derby at the end - i love that part of the country
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          Are AMC guys as strange as Mopar folk? Because I sure met some odd ducks at Moparfest up here last year. But maybe it was the fact that they were Canadian too ... two scoops of kookyness. LOL

          Kidding aside, that would likely be an awesome show and swap meet to attend, all sorts of rare stuff you might never see elsewhere.

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