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think im gunna send some stuff to india for pinstripping

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    We surveyed a shop that sells the RE bikes just around the corner from my office. They are a trip. I like that they still have an kick starter!
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      Outsourcing for vector art is one thing......but pinstriping....thats a whole other thing....I'm lucky to have a Hall of Famer as a good friend.... Mack Brushes HOF painter Craig Judd lives here in this small town. Through him I've met Steve Mentz...the man behind Muscle Machines.
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        it was more about the thought of using cheap services in india... like the topic says.


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          Originally posted by 1931s/x View Post
          it was more about the thought of using cheap services in india... like the topic says.
          Find me someone in the US with the work ethic to meet my deadlines and I'll got back to using US labor....til then to meet the deadlines put on me by my customers.....India will be doing my redraws.It's not about the money...its about the time frame I need the product in.I up charge my customers for rush I make $$$ no matter what.But 2-3 days on something that takes the India guys less than 2 hours.....come on....who wouldn't use them?
          The Beatings will continue until MORALE IMPROVES !!!!


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            I know spit about motorcycles, but those look pretty cool. Old English bikes turn my crank, so I guess that's why I likes 'em. They have some interesting models, too. All sell for about 6k. Are they junk?
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              I have no idea about the new Enfields, the old enfields were as reliable as an english bike could get. That single isn't exactly a DBD34 though. For six bills though, I bet you could find a used new bonneville.

              To me the Japanese bikes that were influenced by the britbikes are more practical, and obviously obnoxiously reliable (XS650, SR500, GB500, W650). Like a Hardley Ableson though, you can't fake the sound for some reason.
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                pinstriping outsourced.

                that seems silly.

                that bike I saw it on the web.. think it was jay lenos garage.

                they have not changed much intentionally.

                steel thick enough to deserve it, not much of that.
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