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    Originally posted by milner351 View Post
    beer? I always heard about the "three martini lunch", golf outings, secretaries that picked up dry cleaning....

    ah well - we have jobs - I suppose we should be thankful for them, but the BS level we have to put up with does seem to be ever ratcheting in the wrong direction.

    Gail - remind me if we ever meet to pinch you on the butt - just to remind you of the good ole days!
    And that is exactly why I come here for the dirty jokes and harrassment!

    Love you guys!
    That awkward moment when you realize it IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys!


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      Originally posted by TheSilverBuick View Post
      ^^ That's Awesome You left out the beer at lunch
      Heh heh...I still do this...shhhh
      Who needs sugar and spice and everything nice? I'm a Southern girl - give me cars, guns and whiskey on ice. ~Mrs. Remy-Z