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Had a great time last night!

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  • Had a great time last night!

    Today, I am enjoying a vacation day from work. I knew when I made plans for last night, I wasn't going to be in any shape to go to work today, so I scheduled this day off. We had an absolute blast last night!

    The one and only Tab Benoit was in town and played at our local blues hangout, Uncle Bo's. Tab's was an early show, starting at 6:00pm and I was sitting right in front of the stage, thanks to the gracious invitation by my friends John & Cindy to join them. Tab rocked the house for 3 solid hours and we had the time of our lives. If you haven't seen this guy perform, you don't know what you are missing.

    Here's the REAL kicker... After his show was over, Tab came over to our local jam session and kicked it with us for a couple hours and closed the place down. He jumped in with the jammers on stage and took command of the drums. I almost fell off my stool! The word unbelieveable does not do justice to his prowess with a pair of sticks. I think, OHMYFUGGINGAWD is more appropriate.

    Wow wow wow.... I still have a smile on my face.

    So, what did you all do last night?

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    I stayed up late and watched some of Jay Leno. OK, you win - by a mile! Sounds like a great night.



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      I havent seen Tab in person, but I have a few cds , and watched a bunch of his you tube gigs, Good deal .Wish I would been there.
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        uh, changed out an Oxygen sensor on my Daughter's VW, I'm pretty sure you won!

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          Originally posted by DanStokes View Post
          I stayed up late and watched some of Jay Leno.
          I didn't even do that. Ron wins for sure!
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