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  • Brickyard

    Think there were more spectators at the Nationwide race last night ...CONGRATULATIONS to first time winner [and wealthy sportsman ] PAUL MENARD ....RCR CHEVROLET

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    its about time money bought him a win - damn did i say that out loud
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      gotta sell a lot of chinese tools to buy into rcr


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        Five years. 167 starts. Four different Sprint Cup organizations. For Paul Menard, the numbers were adding up everywhere but the victory column as his racing career floundered somewhere between “rich kid taking up space” to simply irrelevant at 30 years old and counting. Indeed, a random survey of 50 people on the street, hours before Sunday’s Brickyard 400 would likely end with 49 asking the question, “Paul who?”

        Paul, now a winner at the most famous speedway in America – that’s who.
        No doubt, Menard’s shocking victory at Indianapolis takes him out of the shadows and into the limelight of racing respectability. Showing exceptional poise down the stretch, the awkward balancing act of holding off a four-time champ – Jeff Gordon – while saving enough Sunoco to survive at that 2.5-mile oval should be proof positive how far this emerging talent has come. Suddenly, this veteran’s placed in position for a $1 million bonus should he win Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta and is on the cusp of a first ever postseason bid.

        And just think… all it cost Menard and his family was $100 million plus to reach the top. That’s a rate of $20 million a year, the average cost of a primary sponsor which Paul has gotten in automatic support, straight from his father almost like he’s dishing out lunch money for school. In this age of NASCAR contraction, combined with this Car of Tomorrow “small things can make a difference” era that’s a pretty big bargaining chip to have, squarely on your side that, until Sunday’s checkered flag kept the doubters coming out in droves.

        “Can’t change people’s opinions. They’re going to say what they want to say,” Menard claimed when asked about his net worth. “That’s fine with me. I know what I’m capable of.”

        That firm, steady confidence clearly helped on a day where even legends like Mark Martin ran their tanks dry with gas. But how much, if anything did the money factor in long-term considering the sponsor’s net worth, from the family patriarch down is valued at $5.3 billion dollars? Some will always claim an inherent advantage, one where “involved” means financially supporting the equipment and organization for which his son has always driven. But it’s not like being rich has led to automatic results; a racing addict for 35 years, John Menard invested millions in developing a Buick V6 engine capable of winning the Indy 500 and never succeeded. Open-wheel converts like Tony Stewart, Robby Gordon, and Wally Dallenbach, Jr. are among those he’s backed through the years, winning multiple IRL titles but ultimately turning the focus towards NASCAR. Yet for all John, a billionaire home improvement magnate spent for decades trying to win races at this track that couldn’t bring home the trophy by itself; it was the son, not the pocketbook who made the difference in the way he wheeled a Richard Childress Racing Chevy down the stretch.

        “I’m just a proud father right now,” John Menard said afterwards, switching back and forth between sappy relative and sponsor representative during his post-race interview. “I remember smuggling him into the garage [at Indy] because he was too young to be in there. He would be sitting on the workbench back there behaving himself. He had to be quiet or the yellow shirts would throw him out. He was there, always interested (laughter).”

        “He wanted to be a racecar driver.”


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          I s paul the next robby gordon ?


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            I like the guy, and I'm happy he finally won one, and a big one at that. He did a fine line balancing act between fuel mileage and a 4 time champ chasing him down - and did it like very few can do - with a win. I hope the store managers all made the announcement to all employees & customers once it was heard, Paul won!
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              buying into the best team in racing helped paul out ..dei , rpm and yates were in major decline when paul menard was driving for them
              I just dislike the fact , that the only way to make it in racing is to buy your way in ...which is why I like Jimmy Johnson , he came from a trailer park and that is cool


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                There are pay drivers in every form of motorsports. And there are plenty of drivers that have the experience and skills to be at the top level of the sport, but never get there cause they can't find the cash.

                Its just the way it is.
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                  rcr is the team to be ...


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                    around here .....we have a guy who's father was a major underworld crime boss ..oh ..his car is fast


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                      Originally posted by BOOOGHAR View Post
                      its about time money bought him a win - damn did i say that out loud
                      Having no idea who Paul Menard is, I spent the 90 seconds on google to find out.

                      Man, it would be nice just for even one day to live in the shoes of a guy like that - all the free money in the world, do you wonder if this guy ever worked a real job in his life? (Poor guy, let's make sure we vote to keep him from paying too much taxes, his life is rough enough already!).
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                        would be awesome