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  • Where's peewee?

    I've had a week of duty at work last week. That by itself is a show stopper. I cease to exist.

    But after a whole week of thought without any beer.........I think I have my thoughts together, and for sure I'm taking it way too seriously.

    I've messed up BangShift entirely too much.

    I'm not a car guy at all. Never was, can't be. Don't know how. I don't know the first thing about a car.

    It's big thing, I know it, and I'm sure of it, and it's a fact. I just don't belong here.

    I just don't belong. That's me talking to me. I've messed this great place up. I don't know shit about hotrods, not a thing.
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    did someone go skinny dippin into the 'shine still ?
    Charles W - BS Photographer at large


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      Originally posted by BOOOGHAR View Post
      did someone go skinny dippin into the 'shine still ?
      Nah, I'm done. I'm finally tired of ME posting here. Messin' up a forum where I don't belong.
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        pish posh
        Charles W - BS Photographer at large


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          No worries, lots of people come here to talk about stuff other than cars ...

          Ed N.
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            'Bout time you showed up. Keep coming back. Start new threads. This place gets too serious sometimes, so we need your humor. Glad you're back.
            Ed, Mary, & 'Earl'
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            Inside every old person is a young person wondering, "what the hell happened?"

            The man at the top of the mountain didn't fall there. -Vince Lombardi


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              PEEWEE DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE! I think those shoes are affecting yo real...
              Who needs sugar and spice and everything nice? I'm a Southern girl - give me cars, guns and whiskey on ice. ~Mrs. Remy-Z


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                I am no career in cars either...
                only the past..and a project I don't mention here.

                your humor is good, that always slips away in forums.
                Previously boxer3main
                the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


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                  Samsonite time Take a leave of absence from BS.I've done the same lately as far as WEEVILLE contribs.Just don't shut the door on us.
                  Calypornya...near the beach


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                    where is coupedeville ?


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                      Dont make me come down to TN and make you log on and post something here!!

                      That is what this section is about, nothing.


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                        PW ... we been over this ground before. This place is 1000X's better with you here!
                        Whiskey for my men ... and beer for their horses!


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                          I agree, what would we do without our peewee.....


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                            Most of these idiots don't know a damn thing about cars either. lol
                            Life is short. Be a do'er and not a shoulda done'er.
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                              Originally posted by BBR View Post
                              Most of these idiots don't know a damn thing about cars either. lol

                              hey now, at least I know enough to drink the GM Koolaid

                              PW - stop being a drama queen and get back in the conversations.
                              Doing it all wrong since 1966