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    Here's my favorite on going thread...The Return of the Eastwood & Barakat Sedan...One of my favorite cars from my youth!
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    Time Wasters...


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      yeah , I read the gray baskerville article in 1982 in hrm


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        For what it's worth, all I do at the H.A.M.B. is lurk. I snoop around there when I have a question. The site is a gold mine of information, but frankly, I don't do business with people who look down their noses, especially when I'm trying to learn. I'll gladly accept the knowledge I can gain by reading, but absolutely reject the indignant responses that are generally rendered for inquiring. There is nothing more valuable to me than a guy who truly promotes the hobby by sharing experience.
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          Lot's of misinformation from self appointed "experts" on that place.Some of the old pic's that show up are pretty cool tho'.
          I just don't drink their koolade.
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            This is the only HotRod forum I go to every day, to me this the best HotRod forum on the Net, so there is no reason to go anywhere else.......