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RIP Ron..Hey cancer! You suck!

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  • RIP Ron..Hey cancer! You suck!

    late last week we lost my wifes step dad to lung cancer. He found out in January, worked until March...had a lung and a half removed and died last week. We burried him in a military grave yard with full honors yesterday. He was in the Army from 64 to 85 and served through many a conflict. He was a mean, miserable bastard and we loved him becasue of it. Cancer blows.

    The on highlight of all this is I have inherited his truck. A 1993 Dodge Dakota. My son has expressed interest in it and he will be 13 this November. What a better way to honor Rons memory than for me and the boy to build this truck. It runs and drives but needs lots of love and best of all it is a look for a project thread on this in a few months.
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    Cancer definitely sucks. I never really know what to say, so I won't try except what you said, RIP.
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      rest in peace RON ...I did an oil pump on a 318 dakota ..not fun
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        Bummer - but you've got the right attitude and his legacy lives on in his grandson - that's damned cool.
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          Sorry to hear, Joe.
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            yup the big c sucks..


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              Sorry about your FIL Joe. I agree about the cancer. FU cancer.
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                I'm sorry for your loss, Joe. my prayers and condolences are with you and your family.
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                  On behalf of my MIL and my mife and SIL, thank you for the condoleses....

                  I feel bad for my MIL, she is alone in the house now...but we are near by so she will never be really alone. My wife and her sister lost a father figure and I lost someone to talk to and bitch at about military stupidity.

                  He really loved his truck and was real proud of it. It will be an easy, low buck build probably to stock specs less some duals and wheels and tires. Mostly a comsetic restoration.

                  and when it's done I want to show my MIL, it will really make her smile...I dont want her to know what we are doing to it until it is done.
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                    Death is another dimension of life, & people live on in our hearts & minds.

                    I'm sure stepdad would be happy someone was doing something with his truck.
                    It sounds like you & your son have a cool project to look forward to Joe.
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                      Sorry for your loss, Joe.
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                          sorry for your loss

                          cancer sucks 318 kotas are fun little trucks though
                          Originally posted by Remy-Z;n1167534
                          Congratulations, man. You've just inherited the "Patron Saint of Automotive Lost Causes" from me. No question.

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                            Sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. I lost my uncle to lung cancer at age 62. Same age as my Dad when he died. He found out in Nov., kept the news to himself until January as to not to ruin the holidays. He went to the Anderson clinic in Houston. Found out his lung cancer had spread to his spine and kidneys. After chemo, it looked like they got the cancer into remission. He beat my ass at golf in June at the family reunion. Turns out the spine cancer wasn't in remission, just hanging out; then it came back with a vengeance. We buried him in Sept.

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