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    Thom, I'd say go for it, you need it and it doesn't sound like you're going to throw a ton of money at it. This wouldn't work for you because of the different body styles but I had the 2nd 66 Nova painted to match the first one and I only had one out at a time so I thought I was home free because the Wife never goes back into my Garage, well crap wouldn't you know it she went back there one day to get a rake so that's where I sleep now! OK, so I embelished the story a little bit.

    Just an Old Drag Racer that still has dreams of going fast!


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      Its not the wife that has the problem here, she saw the new LeMans interior and said "Wow! That is damn nice" so yeah she is a keeper. Her dad and my dad are both tired of the parking lot, since her dad owns the place I live, and my dad has the rest of them at the farm.

      Lets put it this way, if I had my truck running and I didnt have to borrow Dave's truck, I would be driving down there to snap up that 49. It would become my fast for $5k ride with one of the chevy engines I have laying around. Either the 454 or the 400 sbc, neither would be as fast as one of my Pontiacs, but it would still be a fun ride. Go pick it up, then haul it up here next spring, we can build it into something cool and interesting that resembles your first car in a couple weeks. Once its done the wife wont have a problem with it.. hopefully...