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  • I've gone weak or something...

    Dad just tossed the keys and title to his '98 S10 at me. It hasn't been inspected in almost three years and hasn't been on the road in that same amount of time. The 4l60e has no second, reverse, or fourth. I'm thinking it's probably the solenoids, so I ordered up a full kit for it yesterday. Spidey warned me to check the harness to so I'll do that as well.

    It's a 4.3 trucklet with the LQ8 suspension (sway bars, 16" Camaro wheels, lowered 1.5" by Chevy) and handles pretty good for as long as it is (extended cab). It's just over 102,000 miles and the interior is in mint condition (everything needs a shampoo, but no tears or obvious signs of wear)

    Here's where I go lame. I'm gonna fix the trans, the sloppy tie rod ends, the air conditioner, and drive it. WTF! Have I gotten old? That engine bay is screaming for a 5.0 Ford and a manual, or a 350 Chevy belly button... gawd, or at least a roots blower. What the hell happened to me?

    My only saving grace here is that I can probably sell my daily driver and lose the payment. I leave the DD alone, showing up late to work with "car trouble" with any frequency (like more than once per car before it gets traded) is NOT an excuse where I work. These little trucks are pretty rock solid. I had one very similar back in '88 and it was a nice little trucklet.

    I'm considering seeking counseling though.
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    And the best part .... IT'S FREE!.... Personally I see nothing wrong with your plan .... just make it reliable.
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      no shame in leaving a dd alone,
      hop in it up and then being tossed from job because of break downs, means no funds at all..
      learnt years ago that a dd has to be left alone, if your job if farthar than walking distance


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        might need a sun shell carrier

        or ignition switch . just check for power at the trans fuses


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          stock is too reliable.

          sorry, it just had to be said.
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            Sign of the times man, always a good idea to keep your tools (DD) separate from your toys (non DD).

            Seems like dad is a pretty wise dude, its great of him to toss you a bone like that. Steak dinner coming up!

            And who says it will be your daily forever? It will still be begging for a V8 when the next daily comes along.
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              Originally posted by STINEY View Post
              (DD) separate from your toys (non DD).
              Which is exactly why I bought the 86 S-10 so I wouldn't have to tear apart my 91 DD


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                I dont see a problem with it either. Everyone needs a beater in addition to the toy. If it made it 102k on the stock trans, it was doing good and obviously your dad wasnt beating it. Third works in it but reverse doesnt? How interesting.


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                  It is kinda new to bother hot rodding it. Save your effort for the old stuff that deserves it
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                    Here's your fix...

                    Now kickaway the walking cane and yank that motor out...


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                      Beags - no worries man - you're not going "soft" you're just getting some more of that wisdom the old guys keep telling us comes with age. Hell - I have a car payment for the first time in 10 years - with little Lee running around I hardly have time to do the essentials - let alone work on a DD - so I picked up a 25k mile loaded up '10 Mariner, I still can't believe it's mine - but I'll remember when I have to make those payments every month... Yours is free -just needs a trans - GREAT DEAL!

                      Keep it nice and drive it with the redone trans until it won't go anymore - then get another DD and go gonzo on this one.... unless something older or cooler comes along. I still consider my Ranger just a temporary holder of it's powertrain - if I had something older and cooler to swap it into - I would.
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                        My friend you have gotten wise counsel here.....after raising 4 daughters and getting them through college and 2 weddings so far, it is about time for me to look for a new project/toy. It has been a long time coming but I also know I will really appreciate it. Everytime I hear someone talk about their kids and the crimp they put on their hobby, I sympathize, but also no better place to spend your resources! As for the S-10, fix it, clean it, drive it and put the energy toward the next project.


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                          im still rolling my 1990 S10 reg cab short, my friends were giving me hell bout it last week since ive been driving it with no a/c in the texas heat wave, but at 23+ mpg and close to 300k miles on it and commuting round 60 miles round trip everyday, im driving it til it finally quits

                          then it'll get parked on the side of the house and become my LSR project, by then my buddy will prolly come off that nickens brothers 331 short block sitting in his garage LOL
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                            Originally posted by SpiderGearsMan View Post
                            might need a sun shell carrier

                            or ignition switch . just check for power at the trans fuses
                            Will do - from the way it's acting and everything I've read, you're probably right about the sun shell carrier. 2,4,R are MIA.

                            @Squirrel - all of my junk is new except a '65 Falcon wagon, but your point is taken.

                            Thanks guys, it just struck me as odd that I wasn't thinking about cams and heads, headers and intakes on the way to the house with it. I put a cat back on my Escape the first week I had it. The ink wasn't dry on the loan when I ordered it. I was looking for turbos within the next week.

                            When it sank in that I was thinking just fix it and drive this one, I knew there was something missing. Where's my Geritol? lmao.

                            Then again, after looking at all the crap that can go wrong with this transmission this morning, I'm eyeballing the 331 on a stand in the garage... so maybe it was a temporary problem.

                            /edit - I'm feeling much better (monty python joke). I wonder if the 4.3 will fit in the Fiat?
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                              I had a 98 Sonoma and it was a great daily driver. I think you're doing the right thing by fixing this one and driving it.

                              Once the trans is sorted out and you give it a good scrubbing, it won't cause you any heart ache and you'll be able to put $$$ and time into other projects.

                              Sunshell is a common problem to the 4L60E. I would look for a Beast sunshell and slap in a Corvette 1-2 servo while you're at it.

                              Leave the 4.3 in place. They're bullet proof and make enough power to get a little truck around with ease.