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    for the two ton shu
    I got some 73-87 rallies,, 4) 8" wide and 2) 7" wide,
    looking for a cleaner that clean the wheels but not lift the paint,
    then I'll sand and prepsol them and paint..

    thinking gloss deep black, with the slots painted body color/77 corvette yellow (the thickness of the metal not on the rim face) with a yellow peril(in the clear) on the rim part of the wheel, that show up at night when the light hit it right
    and this trim ring

    this is the wrong rally but gives an idea of what the trim ring looks like on wheel..

    other than dawn disc soap and simply grren
    what other cleaners are good, that don't lift the paint..
    then I'll etch prime and paint
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    I used lacquer thinner on my Cherokee aluminum wheels. It took off the dirt & brake dust but didn't hurt the clear coat. After that I waxed them with car wax, they still look good.


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      I use a cleaner called DUKE, it's a cheap degreaser from Home Depot (or other places), you cut it with water, spray it on, quick scrub, and everything comes off easy. I've painted stuff after using it and it's always been fine.

      The stuff gets rid of brake dust, dirt & grease really good (plus the concentrate bottle will make about 2-3 gallons of spray on cleaner - lasts forever)


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        I use "Wesley's Beach White" tire cleaner on most everything, leave it soak for about a minute and hit it with a pressure washer and it'll usually even eat imbedded brake dust, I use it on Tennis Shoes and everything else then hit it with the pressure washer, if the EPA ever checks to see why it does such a good job I'm sure they'll ban it. it can stain and damage the clear coat if you leave it on too long.

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          I'm gonna utilize the hurricane.
          then january ice storm and series of blizzards. the northwest sandblast of arctic crystals does a spectacular job.

          that is if the wheel is tough enough to survive in the first place..
          for some odd reason, I never clean. I never keep brake dust. mud, sand, goop, I even splashed autobody paint with urethane on them..

          give it a maine season.
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            put a mix of commit and dawn on them before the storm.. we'll see how the paste worked..
            with mother nature


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              P21S Wheel Gel will clean any wheel and not harm painted, chromed, polished surfaces. Yes, it costs a bit more, but you use less and works like a charm.