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    after reading the "do we have dates 2012 powertour thread" and see'n the hotel room cost..
    I think I'll do it ole school, cause I'm an old fool..
    where would I find that heavy tent material that a mil tent or duffle bag is made of?
    an army surplus store??
    gonna sew up a tent for the truck bed, use'n the stake pockets to hold the sides,,

    this years health issue, made me rethink life, but not the reality of thy is broke..
    so if I'm going to go.. I'll be ruff'n it..

    any other ideas on where I might find that type material..
    staflets folded up. they would've been able to get it..
    gonna hit the texttile place in rockland, but .. all ideas welcome..

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    They make tents that go in the back of trucks......


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      Ive looked into this before since I wanted to make a safari top for a old chevy truck I had, what my plan was to cut the roof off the truck and install "snaps" on a portion of the roof section I left above the windshield (bout 3 inches worth) then fabricate poles that went into the stake pocket holes, do cross bracing as if it looked like a roll cage of sorts and go to the local sail shop (living on the gulf coast sail makers are a dime a dozen) and get some canvas type material and have the snaps installed to button the safari top to "the cage"
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        You might try an Army Surplus store. In the old days, they issued a 'shelter half' to each guy. Soldiers would pair up and the two 'halfs' made a pup tent. If nothing else, they may have canvas.
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          They make boat covers and dodgers out of this stuff: Don't know how expensive it is but you could order it or probably find some at a local sailmaker. That same sailmaker would have fittings (snaps etc.) too.
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            query on Canvas Tarp in your area and check with local guys on getting canvas in bulk? That's gonna take a pretty serious sewing machine, hopefully you have an old one with metal gears. I think it might wipe out plastic geared modern machines. Tarp is water resistant, but not water proof. When you build your frame, I'd make sure it could run off and not puddle anywhere.

            Pete's sail shop idea was a good one too given your location.
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              look for a marine upholsery shop in your area, they should be able to help.
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                When we were out on the lake Friday, I noticed that the bimini top on the boat was made by Sunbrella. driving home, I saw a Sunbrella truck go by the other way. I have no idea how this info could be usefull....but I'd never heard of Sunbrella before, and here I see it 3 times in a few days.

                And here's a fun picture for you to ponder....
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