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any ford techs?

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  • any ford techs?

    wifes mariner decided to act up yesterday. i went and met her at the store to get it home. its running erratic, the fuel pump is making a lot of noise, when it starts to sputter its loading up, and it has like16 codes. it was perfectly fine when she drove to and home from work and to the store.

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    what are the codes?

    what engine?

    have you done the unplug the battery to reset all the codes thing?

    Long shot - but any chance she got some bad gas?
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      beat me too it lol
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        2005 mercury mariner. 3.0 v6 102,000 miles. i doubt the gas as it has less than half tank and she always fills it up. i was doing some poking around, cleaned the throttle body, there is a huge pile of sunflower seeds below the intake. i take the intake off to make sure there are no chewed wires under it, that looks fine. i clean it all up decided to change the o ring intake gaskets upper and lower, and plugs since they have never been done and you have to take the intake off to do them. i finished that up start it up its all good. i let it get up to temp before getting my hopes up. i take it for a ride and it drives perfectly fine. i clear the codes drive it around a few min and it seems fixed. i put it in reverse to park and jockey some cars around, and the idle drops the pedal has no response so i put it in drive and drive away, it still seems fine. i try reverse again same thing but the pedal works it just has hesitation. i think hmm maybe it has to relearn something after clearing it? i drive home the 4wd light starts flashing the cel light comes on and its back to sputtering loading up and the fuel pump making all kinds of noise again. it was making noise before and the scanner was showing the fuel pres fluctuating, but after the plugs and stuff it was fine. driving around it was steady 39 psi. there is a huge difference in idle when you put it in drive and reverse. it seems related to reverse? the codes i got after the ride are p0122 p0191 p0405 p0452
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          My 03 F150 had similar problems. It was the electronic fuel injectors, along with a fried spark plug. Just guessing tho.
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            i just took it for a ride again, it was fine but started idling funny when i would put it in reverse or nuetral. for some reason those 2 seem to trigger it more than park or drive. watching the data on the scan tool as i took it for a ride, the fuel rail pressure is pretty erratic. at 38-39 its runs great, but it will start to fluctuate and go anywhere from 0 to 72 psi. this time i only got p0122 p0405 and
            p0452. i dont know if the pcm tries to correct for too much fuel? i dont really think its the pump, i dont think the pressure would go that high if the pump was going bad. i dont know if its telling the pump to do that or the pump is crapping out. i need to figure out how to test the fuel rail pressure sensor. would it try to change the fuel pressure if there was a lot of water in it?


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              Does it have a fuel filter, or is it in the tank?

              Sounds kinda wonky, check with your local dealer for TSB's and recalls.


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                You can google any OBD codes.

                P0122 Throttle position sensor voltage too low.

                P0191 Fuel rail pressure sensor range performance.

                P0405 EGR sensor A circuit low voltage.

                P0452 Evap Emissions control system pressure sensor low input.

                I'd start the car and start moving some wiring harnesses and see what happens. Maybe your little friends did some damage you can't see? Lots of voltage issues there.
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                  im going to check out the filter tomorrow. i never did it. all this time i thought it was in the tank, but i did see a rgular inline filter on rockauto. i did try wiggling wires and pulling plugs to check for corrosion. i had pretty much every plug off and they all looked fine. this stuff is way too high tech. i tested the tps, it seems to work fine im going to retest it when it starts acting up. i didnt figure out how to test anything else yet.


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                    Also check for a chewed PCM ground.


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                      The chewed pcm ground is a good choice to check. Personally I saw some Taurus cars with bad Transmission range sensors in 2001-2 where they would backfeed and create all kinds of havoc. I had one that would shut the radio off in park and neutral, as well as various codes. The range sensor is on the side of the trans where the linkage attaches, try checking the connector there for moisture inside.


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                        wasn't for the Merc specifically but the information seemed worth a try....

                        A possible short of the VREF signal internal to the EGR system module (ESM) may result in less than 5 volts on the VREF signal line. To check for internal ESM short, check resistance between Pin-2 (VREF) and Pin-6 (signal return) on the ESM with ESM harness disconnected. If resistance is less than 2000 ohms, replace ESM following Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 303-08.
                        Inspect main engine harness to powertrain control module (PCM) rub through on the A/C line at back right of engine compartment. Repair as necessary.
                        Inspect fuel rail pressure and temperature sensor located at top right of engine for broken or cracked vacuum port. Replace as necessary following WSM, Section 303-14.
                        Inspect inertia fuel shutoff (IFS) located in front passenger foot well for loose or disconnected wiring/connector and build date code on switch. If switch was built before November 2005 (5 L XXX) replace switch. Date code is visible without removing switch and is located near top of switch. (Figure 1)
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                          i was thinking it only acted up when it got up to full temp, but i ruled that out when i started it up this morning and it ran like crap right away. the scan tool showed 0 fuel rail pressure most of the time it was running. it did spike a few times but mostly stayed at 0. it doesnt want to start right up, the fuel pump is making a lot of noise, its easy to access, i unplugged the pump while running, the car imediatly runs good until the rail runs out of fuel. i pulled the line after the filter and turned the key on, it is pumping fuel but i dont have any way to put a guage on it t osee what the actual psi is. the pump has steady 12.8 or so volts reguardless of how its running. could a bad pump really cause all of these codes?


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                            I saw a few posts in the Focus forums where that was causing their problems... so I'd vote yes on possible cause.
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                              Might be a long shot, but I had a VERY similar problem with my old 2005 F150. It turned out to be the Fuel pump driver module, which was located on the frame above the spare tire. Water, dirt, and salt had collected between the module and the frame, causing corrosion which lifted the module in the middle and broke it in half. It would run fine until the electronics moved around and shorted, causing the erratic fuel pressure. I had been getting codes for the fuel pump and injectors, but there were no codes related to the driver, which was the actual problem.
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