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  • Three Things Thursday

    Here are three things I am wondering about today...
    Feel free to comment on all 3 or just 1 or 2...

    1) What is the wierdest thing you have hung or have seen hung off of a rearview mirror?

    2) Has anyone actually cooked something in the engine compartment of their vehicle?

    3) I would like a GREAT recipe for Clam Chowder.

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    1. buddy in college had a real "stuffed" blowfish from the rear view mirror of his car.... had to constantly reach out and keep it from swinging around....

    2. yes - great way to warm up a sandwich - be careful with the tinfoil - use more, not less

    3. we have a bunch o dudes from the East coast on here - certainly someone has a recipe for "chowda" they're willing to share!
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      1) What is the wierdest thing you have hung or have seen hung off of a rearview mirror?
      - I always thought the folks that hang CD's from the mirrors were weird...
      - I have my pups collar hanging from the mustangs mirror...I miss him
      - I had my sons first boots in my truck for many years.

      2) Has anyone actually cooked something in the engine compartment of their vehicle?
      - No but I have always thought it would be cool to make a burger or dogs...

      3) I would like a GREAT recipe for Clam Chowder.
      - I have one, but will have to look for it...its in an Alaskan Bush cook book I have at the house...more later on that.
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        1) I have a smiley face keychain sun bleached hanging from the mirror on my Skylark, it's been there since around 1997. It's on a short chain and can barely be seen sitting in the seats. I had a chunk of obsidian I drilled a hole through and hung on my Firebird's mirror because I liked the shape of it. I've seen plenty of ridiculous stuff hanging from mirrors, a small rooster is in the top five.

        2) I've warmed a few things up.

        3) Campbells soup can, 1:45 in the microwave.
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          1. Let me go to Walmart and take a look. brb

          2. My fingers.

          3. The word 'chowder' is repulsive enough that I do not want to try it.
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            #1) a pig shaped air freshener, I think it was an air freshener anyway
            #2) I've cooked some hot dogs on a longer trip. I've also cooked them on the work trucks, along with reheating leftovers. Stuff heats a lot quicker if you can use the exhaust manifold (older F150s with the straight 6 for example), but using the valve covers works too, it just takes a lot longer.


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              I've always avoided hanging stuff off the RV mirror. As I've always taken driving seriously I just don't want the distraction. Sometimes I'll use the sunvisors just to limit the amount of information coming in to my brain so I can concentrate on the important bits.

              Have a friend who often cooked on the manifold of her old Nissan. She got a Windstar and was very disappointed that the manifolds are pretty much inaccessible - end of her mobile cookery.

              I'm allergic to clams (and all shellfish) so I'm not your chowder guy. Hopefully someone will toss one out there. Before I had the allergy I preferred the Manhattan variety.



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                1. Was driving home from work just today, being tailgated by a teenager in a beater who had a ....what IS that? swinging from the mirror. It was a woven-looking red and yellow flashy thing, a scarf? I mean big.

                2. Heated my lunch - dinner-breakfast, whatever on the exhaust manifold of a fork truck for about 12 years. Canned spaghetti, canned something. You have to put it on there on the last run before bean time, and make sure you have leather work gloves on to remove it. One night we got behind and drove much longer than we planned loading stuff and BOOM! The unionized garage mechanics were really proud of me for heating soup on the manifold. Very proud. Steam cleaning of the engine compartment was the first thing in order the next day.

                3. ^^^^ Campbells new England Clam Chowder with oyster crackers. Can't beat it. Why even bother trying at home? As long as you like a few shell bits caught between your teeth and cracking you fillings. Good stuff.
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                  I dont hang things from the mirror, I like to be able to see that part of the world ahead of me. Also why no huge scoops on the hood.

                  During the first Gulf War back in 90-91, I spent from August 10 to sometime after Thanksgiving on the flight line every night working 60-80 airplanes in only 12-14 hours. We didnt get lunch breaks and nobody brought us food, so we would grab an MRE from a plane if there were any open when we got there. This is before the MRE had a heater in them, and eating cold MREs in fall/winter while in Germany is unpleasant to say the least. So I got the idea of heating them up on the intake manifold of our truck. Drive around, work three or four planes, retrieve the MRE from the intake, and have a nice warm meal.

                  In December we started getting days off, for me it was one day a week until February when things changed and I ended up in the sand for a while. After eating MREs for about 9 months, I dont care to ever have another one, and some prepackaged meals taste too much like them for me to stomach. I will however, cook and heat things up on the engine provided the intake gets warm enough to cook anything. On ethanol, it usually doesnt get warm.

                  Clam chowder, I have no idea. Growing up in Nebraska we didnt have many clams around, nor seafood for that matter.
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                    No.2 - pretty guilty I guess... Roastbeef sandwiches

                    And got proof aswell...

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                      a) Click image for larger version

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                      b) No - I live in the City. We have food here... easy to get to, cheap, already hot. I never even thought to get grease from the car, the food here comes with it built in.

                      c) Click image for larger version

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                      You may not like it as much as I do. Hell, let's be honest, I'm not even sure what it tastes like. 14 pints o beer later, everything is delicious.

                      and we wonder why I'm a single guy. : P
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                        • those crystals that send lasers of rainbow in the sunshine..and they are sharp
                        • I cook headgaskets in the eneinge compartment all the time.
                        • as an east coaster.. of course it is simple. some potato, corn, clams..cheat with the fake thick stuff from campbells, and spice whatever you want...and maybe oyster crackers. And pepper. pepper and this combo is not pepper anymore..clears the face right out.
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                          2. Yes at work a lot. Ive warmed and cooked more food under the hoods of equipment than cars or trucks. My coworkers think I'm nuts until they see me eating a hot lunch.

                          3. I just open a can.


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                            there was a group of us that worked at the local grocery store in high school and we played jokes on one another all the time. I cracked a few raw eggs into a buddies can of soda, he got me back by putting a block of limburger cheese on my exhaust manifold, so yea ive cooked food but I didnt know it
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                              ^^Winner! Never know when zombie's will attack.
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