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  • Dreams do come true!

    As some of you know, earlier this year I found my first hot rod / drag car that I built. It was a 1974 Maverick, Boss 351, top loader, 9" with a 4.56 and a detroit locker. I sold after I got married in 1976. It had 2500 miles when I sold it. After looking for 35 years, I found it and brought it home. It now has 4900 miles, and is in process of being restored.

    This weekend, I was able to accomplish another dream. I started working in a Ford dealer as a mechanic right out of high school. Boss 302 Mustangs were still under warranty, and I fell in love with them. A wife, kids, and life kept me from owning one. When I was at GM it would have been hard to drive a Mustang, so I waited. Now that I work at Lingenfelter, that issue is gone.

    Ken Lingenfelter sent me a link to the Mecum auction in Dallas where 3 Boss 302's were for sale. Ken and I flew out Friday morning to attend the auction. The first Boss through was totally restored and sold for $80K. The second Boss was not my first choice of color, Lime Metallic, but the price was right and it is mine.

    It is a survivor with 31000 original miles. All number matching, with documation including a Marti report and the original window sticker. It is even a original paint car.

    It is currently on a Pilot Transport truck coming back to Michigan. It will be here tomorrow and I will finally get to drive my own Boss 302 Mustang.

    I will post pictures when I get it home, but here is the auction link.

    Page Not Found. Here are some quick links to the top Mecum Auctions pages to get you back on track quickly.
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    Beautiful Car Mike.......Congrats.....I will have to drop by and see it.

    200 mph or bust.......


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      I like that one better than the 80k one.That color always reminded me of baby carrot puke. LOL Nice score.


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        Congrats! Have a blast and don't be shy about posting pictures or video.

        My dad bought a '70 Boss 302 in '76, he drove the crap out of it and killed the motor. He sold it to his bro and I've grown up seeing this car stashed away. Just sitting in this car makes you feel like a badass. Enjoy it!


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          hey ollie volpe worked for lingenfelter


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            That's great Mike! I guess that's another perk of the recent change, you can indulge in a bit more diversity
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              Envious Mike! Hope to see it in person. Congrats.

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                Very nice Mike. I know you'll thoroughly enjoy owning and driving it. Even though I'm a Chevy guy, I've always liked the Boss 302s. Congrats!
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                  These days it's the uncommon colors that draw the attention.
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                    nice score mike !
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                      Great score, Mike. Next time I'm in MI I may try to shake you down for a ride.



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                        GREEN = ENVY

                        Happy Motoring Mike!
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                          I want to be your friend. A 351C Maverick was one of the stalled projects from the 90s, and I have lusted after BOSS 302/351/429 cars for a long time. Sounds like a great score, even if it is lime metallic.


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                            I wouldn't mind that darkening my driveway. Very nice BOSS, I like the car. A friend on mine had a 70 BOSS 302 in the same color when I was a junior in HS. I'll swap you my 66 any time *G*
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                              nice car, the vice principal's son at the high school I attended had a 70 Boss Mustang, gold.... bet he wishes he still had it
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