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  • Where's Rob Kinnan?

    I was leafing through the strangely anorexic December 2011 issue of "Hot Rod" (only 98 pages) and noticed that Kinnan isn't listed on the masthead anymore? What happened? (sorry if I missed this "news" from other sources)

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    the news was on here a couple months ago, I guess you were absent that week.
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      I didn't hear why, nor did I attempt to pry at Bonneville.
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        I missed that thread somehow. All I can say is THAT SUCKS OUT LOUD! Rob and I worked on the Crusher Camaro project (I was one of the EPA folks involved in it's emissions testing) and I count Rob as a friend. He's a good guy, a good writer, and a REAL car guy.

        Let me join the others in wishing him the best. I know he'll land on his feet but HRM will suffer as a result.



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          He still has a by-line in the dec issue ...
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            Originally posted by squirrel View Post
            the news was on here a couple months ago, I guess you were absent that week.

            Thanks. I knew I must have missed something that EVERYBODY already knew about. I guess all that crap about "bigger budgets" and the "best days ever" at HRM should be taken with a grain of salt.


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              Originally posted by Bamfster View Post
              He still has a by-line in the dec issue ...
              Actually, several (although most are on co-written stories).

              I'm wonder if Rob got "Matt Kinged?" (nursing the old, wholly unsubstantiated rumor that the King crossed GM one too many times while helming Car Craft)

              Maybe they'll call up JEFF "LS" SMITH to assist DF. (ROTFL) That move would be "GMPP-approved."


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                I missed this too (on Drag Week board only.) Bummer. I feel like HR has really got a good thing going right now with great content in print and other media (facebook, youtube.)
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                  VANITY FLASHBACK. . . .

                  For some reason the sad news about Rob Kinnan reminded me of something I wrote as "Turbo Ted" years ago over on the Car Craft board. One of the CC editors had wised off about gearhead tv shows and challenged the readers to "do better." Channeling up my satirical "Turbo Ted" persona, I cooked up about twenty stupid show ideas including this one making fun of the car magazine biz:

                  Writer X (PBS): A huge publishing monolith conducts a Jack Roush-style "gong show" search for a new "Junior Assistant Special Projects Associate Editor" (ever notice how everyone at a car mag is an "editor?")

                  In the first episode, the SUITS UPSTAIRS screen the hoard of on-line applications submitted by the various illiterati who all think it would be "bitchin'" to "work" for a car book (and get paid to style like e. e. cummings.)

                  ("work," in the minds of the idealistic wantabe scribes, of course, means:

                  •guzzling free booze mooched from product reps,

                  •doing sydeshow doughnuts in handbuilt "press fleet" vehicles and rental cars,

                  •snapping a few blurry digital photos at "events" across the Heartland,

                  •"meeting and greeting" the t-shirt models, and

                  •occasionally turning in one long, hackneyed, run-on sentence of a story, before jumping ship for an industry PR rep gig)

                  The least incoherent of the applicants are then initiated to the "realities" of publishing ("You want me to work 100 hours per week for WHAT!?!" "You want cream in your coffee, Mr. Editor-In-Chief?" "Sure, I can rewrite thirty manufacturer press releases before deadline." "Oh I've got a really, really fresh angle on that SBC build-up . . . .")


                  Read more:


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                    get well soon


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                      Rob was great. Since he's gone though bring BAD SEED Steve Magnente over from Car Caft
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                        Originally posted by HoosierL98GTA View Post
                        Rob was great. Since he's gone though bring BAD SEED Steve Magnente over from Car Caft
                        Isn't "Magneto" now just a New England-based freelancer with a bitchin Barrett-Jackson on Speed TV gig?


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                            Now for some unknown reason I've got this vision of Magneto, Lohnes, Tom Poston as George Utley, and rustic woodsmen "Larry, Darryl, and and my other brother Darryl" . . . sitting around a typical New England town meeting at Dick & Joanna Loudon's "Drag-O-Way" (right next to the Stratford Inn, of course) . . . .


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                              Matt King did not get let go because of anything he said about GM.

                              I was working with Matt, at GM, on the Hot Rod Solstice when he left to take a position with Harley Davison. Harley offered him a sweet deal to come write for them. It was so good, he packed up and left in the middle of the build.

                              I had dinner with Rob a couple days before the end. I think he got caught in a corporate downsizing. He still posts on Facebook from time to time. He is a great guy, and will find something when the time is right.
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