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Found a badass car while I was in Brazil!

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  • Found a badass car while I was in Brazil!

    Usually when I travel in the US I am accustomed to seeing nice cars in all of the big cities I travel to, but in Brazil, there weren't many nice cars to speak of. One of my customers who had bought some DVD's from me a couple months back contacted me to tell me his friend had a nice drag car in Sao Paulo, BR where I was staying for work. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was VERY happily surprised at what I found. The owner, Adriano gave me a run down of the car, took me for a drive around the city for a couple of miles, and then we got to check out their shop & another one of the cars they are building a few days later, it really made my trip fun.

    Here's some pictures of the car -

    Video -

    Some older video of him racing (the car is faster now) -
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    split bumper and a L88 hood scoop, me likey
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      that's awesome.
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        Awesome car! I wouldn't mind making the change to ethanol if I got to drive something like that everyday :-P


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          Totally cool!

          Was that Bruab's long lost brother yelling....errrr....announcing at that track?
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            Wow, that thing is pure awesome and beautiful to boot. The build quality is damn nice!