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  • My DD scenarios thread...

    Ok, so as many of you read the other day, my employment situation has changed recently. Thanks for all the well wishes and stuff. I appreciate all the good juju and am looking forward to some time with the kids and working on BS stuff for a while before finding something else. It is all good in the Lohnes 'hood.

    That being said, I am going to need a DD and it is not going to be something lame. Perhaps a car that was lame during its day, but is Bangshifty now.

    I am pretty sure that I am going to send Brutus down the road. 6mpg ain't gonna cut it. I love the truck and would keep it if things were different, but I am not weeping the loss of the wrecker. It was great fun, but selling that will give me a budget to score something cheap and wrench it into coolness.

    OK, so this is not a thread about giving me suggestions, posting CL ads, etc. As I am looking for junk, I am going to throw the current scenario at you of what I am looking at and you dudes and dudettes can give me your opinion.

    Here's the first one....

    Late 1960s Buick crew cab with Buick 350 power, kinda ruff.


    Creampuff awesome Buick 1980s humongo wagon with lame ass 307

    The 350 would be a riot to cam up, slap headers on, intake, carb, etc.

    The 1980s wagon would be ripe for a feshly built snappy budget small block Chevy engine (story is done to death, but damn it, that car would be an epic sleeper).

    Which way would you go?
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    Buick Crew Cab! =P
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      does it HAVE to be a buick?
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        No, but at this moment, I am looking at two cheapo Buicks. Again, no suggestions. Just take what I am throwing at you and pick one.
        That which you manifest is before you.


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          The 80's family truckster will have AC and disc brakes for sure, but that isn't a given on the 60's stuff. The 80's Bui will be mucho better in snow driving cause they just have better brakes and suspension.

          In the end, between the two, I'd go with the one that has less rust issues.
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            80s wagon... yeah, chev motors have been done to death, but that's such an affordable option that you can't ignore it.... then, when finances allow, GNXwagon it with a turbo 231.... that would be the ultimate sleeper (no v8 noise, just a slow sounding v6)
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              80s wagon, its a wagon, lots more space, and you can put a SBC in it since all those cars from that era used the same frame, plus you got the disc brakes and parts availibilty will be alot greater if something was to happen
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                Get the 307 powered Buick, then swap in a 403 Olds ... just say no to SBCs!! LOL

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                  My secret life long dream has been one of these wagons with a blown alky motor and a lenco.
                  That which you manifest is before you.


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                    94-96 b body wagon. lt1 power room for the family, and all the impala ss stuff works on 'em. and with some good snow tires and a little weight in the back, there a riot in the snow!
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                      Originally posted by Brian Lohnes View Post
                      My secret life long dream has been one of these wagons with a blown alky motor and a lenco.

                      Clearly the choice is the wagon


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                        beware of frame rot


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                          80's Buick wagon all day long. Like Scott said, disc brakes, AC, plus decent interior, room to haul the family, and best of for this thing should be plentiful in the junkyard.
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                            you know the 307 in that is a olds engine not chevy if you go up a couple years you get a tbi sbc or a lt1 ie the big round wagons


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                              Brian, if you look at the pics I sent you from Charlotte, there was a pic of a sweet buford wagon for 10,900. just shows how bitchen they can look. ( I think you could have drove that for 8k )

                              I love my wagon! Im sure the boys will too!
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