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you just got smoked by a vw

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  • you just got smoked by a vw

    i miss my old vw homies in arizona

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    love the sound...

    if it sounds like a boxer, it is not one.

    a stumping riddle I learned with rarity I suppose...

    I hope to get my own squared away with a clutch. My own does not sound like a boxer anymore, swapping cams, gaskets..

    a liquid 3 main without retarders..not common at all. It gained enough to break a gut in the clutch, have not dimsantled it yet to know exactly..

    awesome vid.
    these at 10.5 in a quarter does not even have a turbo.
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        That's one badass Bug!!!
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          There was a guy with a Caltrans Orange bug that ran 9.90's at Sacto Raceway back when. It supposedly had only 275 hp from a 2100cc motor, but the car was mostly fiberglass and I think it weighed like 1500 lbs. He embarrased a lot of guys with big honking big blocks.

          It's impressive, but since he was racing a wheezy SN95 Stang with 4.6 mod motor; it's not jaw dropping.
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            I've got a subwoofer sound system on this here computer at Weevile, and I don't think that Bug is VW powered. It's been 30+ years since I had my built '65, but that just doesn't sound like a 4 cylinder aircooled power plant.

            The only time I got my butt thoroughly waxed on the street...I beat huge HP waterpumpers between the stoplights, but what they didn't know was that if we went TWO stoplights, they'd eat me alive. A guy came to town in a "Bug" with a huge V8 in the front of it. It was a '55 Chevy chassis cut and narrowed to allow the Bug body on top of it. Yeah, he ate my lunch.

            Please correct me with the video.....that's not a "real" Bug, right?
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              the silly beetles.

              my dads story on these is quite funny. he is a truck driver, class A..alot of years. little car and him driving is not likely.
              his friend in the 60s lost his license, he volunteered to drive..he would tell us kids with his old stories of the "new" 396, and cars getting huge..high school days. one day playing in woburn mass, busy back then too, worse was not surprising to have some yuppie with a brand new one for school. Anyway, horsing around like hippies would.. the shock and awe of a dune buggy looking beetle beating the crap out of the SS ..including turns...and others was not expected. they all stay fun about it.

              he was inspired enough to take off acoss the country with one...that seemed to become some trend even in movies. He was the freakishly first hippy at is spooky.

              as it goes, I took to the beetle like a savant to beating music as a baby in diapers.. It was the benz crank boxer. I do not like the other versions at all.
              as time is not a bad thing to like.

              I did get in trouble with v8 cars.Build at my own stuff. I took one to top secret mph on the highway out of rage..and that was the last ride for me and a gas v8. I learned there was a cop way in the distance..and never drove it again. I really outran one (did not know it until later). Not a badass at all..these boxers need to come back in a big way. 5 main bearings and 200 valves is not the answer.
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              the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


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                Cool video Charles. Looks like a '67?

                PeeWee, not sure what you mean by "real" bug, but if you are thinking it has been swapped to a V8 something or other, you are mistaken. These little Flat four engines are just begging to be hotrodded, they respond incredibly well to basic horsepower improvements. See my avatar and signature pictures for some antics possible with VW power/drivetrain. My stuff isn't really all that wild either, naturally aspirated and only stock parts in the drivetrain.

                Your old bug was choked off with a restrictive carb and intake and would have gladly delivered some more oomph!
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                  I had a similar thing happen back in the 90's.I had a hot 65 chevy 2 that I thought was fast.I was rolling down burnet road here in austin and a guy in a baja bug pulls up and starts messing with me.Of course do I respond in kind.We lined up at a light and the last thing I saw was a turbo hanging off the back of that thing.